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Bin Weevils Community Blog – Name Poll!

Hi everyone, this is sheepes3364!

On Twitter, the Bin Weevils community have been thinking about opening a community blog, which is just like a blog, but there isn’t one owner, and we focus on what happens in the community – let’s think of it as the What’s New Blog, but our version! But first, we need a name! Please complete this quick poll to help us decide what the new blog should be called. On Wednesday 18th Feb (which is also Ash Wednesday this year), I will collect the vote results, and name the blog. However, you can vote at any time, any day, any month of the year!

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Weevily World – Gone but NEVER Forgotten…

Hello Weevily World viewers,

From the lack of posting from every staff member for the past weekend and the lack of news, you probably know Weevily World is closed. Not forever though! Just incase you were wondering what would happen though is that Weevily World will be a helpful source for anyone that wishes to see the Mystery Codes from 2013-14 before they expired, or if someone wants to see the crossword help page, that will still be open for you all to enjoy.

But from me, sheepes, and the rest of the Weevily World team,we’d like to thank each and every viewer at home for making this community a friendly and supportive one, and we wouldn’t have reached 1,500,000 views without you. I guess it’s time to end what may be Weevily World’s last post for a while. Once again, a MASSIVE THANK YOU!

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Looking for a great Bin Weevils Blog to replace Weevily World?

Hi Weevils!

I am sorry to say that judisue has decided to shut down Weevily World. I have to admit, before I ever did any blogging, I came to this blog every day for the latest news, and I always dreamed of becoming staff. Now, thanks to judisue, that dream has come true.

But, now that it’s closing down, I would like to say that there is a replacement for this amazing blog! The next best BW blog is…

A World Of Bin Weevils!

That’s right! The second most viewed BW blog is A World Of Bin Weevils!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit A World Of Bin Weevils now for the latest news and tips! For every code, every cheat, every glitch (I even tell you how to do them!) click the banner below:

Happy Weeviling!


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The Weevily World Book is Complete – Weevily World is Closing

Hello Bin Weevils,

Last night, it was announced that Weevily World and its blog creator, Judisue is leaving Bin Weevils altogether. Furthermore, every member that has worked hard over the past 2 years will be removed to make Weevily World an index source for everything weevily. I know what you are guessing – am I leaving? From Weevily World, yes, but from blogging and Bin Weevils, no. Once I have enough time to get posting and get logged on, I can do all of my routine activities. Thanks for reading what is my final post here on Weevily World.

Keep viewing Weevily World for everything you need to know; it’ll still be there, for many years to come!

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Bin Weevils Offline All Night

Hello Bin Weevils!

Sadly Bin Weevils has been forced to go offline tonight due to hackers, the offline message is up and Weevily World assumes Bin Weevils will be back online in the morning. This was simply put in place to keep our accounts safe while Bin Weevils were stopping the hackers – please don’t worry! Your weevils are absolutely safe.


While you’re waiting, please feel free to check out Weevily World’s Bin-tastic content! Psstclick here to play some old games which were available in the old Bin! They’ll keep you entertained while Bin Weevils is offline, stay safe everyone!

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Updated 05/09/14 – I have now been playing Bin Weevils for 5 years!

Hello Bin Weevils,

I guess I haven’t been as active as I would have liked, but I thought, as the situation I’m in won’t improve, I may as well try to write an odd post here and there.

Anyway, yesterday (September 3rd), my first (but not the last) Bin Weevil, phurple, turned the ripe old age of 5. 

I was quite impressed with this figure, and I was also pleased to receive a email from Bin Weevils congratulating me for my long time that I have been partnered with them, which I thought was a rather nice touch. 

Thanks for reading my post, if you would like more of me just comment what you would want me to write about, weather it be related to Bin Weevils or not. 


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Update, lots of you were asking for this email to be pasted below, so here it is;


(As some of you may noticed, it was sent to my personal email but I forwarded it on as I didn’t want for my details to be shared. Any SPAM emails sent to my personal email account will be deleted without a reply)

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Bin Weevils take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Bin-tastic news! Bin Weevils HQ members, Drewbian & MagicPurpleBee accepted our nominations to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It’s great Bin Weevils HQ has done this because it’s all for a good cause, and all donations go to charity.

You can watch Bin Weevils taking the challenge below…

Well done to Bin Weevils HQ for accepting our nominations! Isn’t the video just funny?


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A Look Inside: Dumdawg’s Nest Rooms

Hello Bin Weevils! 

Over the past month I’ve been re-decorating my nest rooms! I have been creating new themes, and creating Summer Fair nest rooms to celebrate the Bin Weevils Summer Fair opening. Many of my nest rooms include prizes from the Prize Hut in the Summer Fair entrance, and many are available at Nestco. Feel free to take a look at all my nest rooms below:

4My Ice Summer Cafe  nest room! Packed with freezing nest items, smashed with Bin-tastic Summer Fair prizes! It’s always great to mix two themes together – I have mixed a Summer Fair theme with a winter theme. This nest room is also packed full of delicious food!

2My Purple Blingin‘ nest room is filled with items which stand out very well. I’ve mixed two themes together, bling and Halloween! The pianos at the back really makes the room stand out, with the Halloween portrait too. Of course the blingin’ chandelier too!

1My Splashin’ Around nest room! I’ve included the exclusive first Nestige Range nest item, the floor-to-floor aquarium which is available at Nestco! You can also purchase the  Underwater Bundle at Nestco too, this nest room makes you feel like your underwater!

3My Cave Bedroom! Filled with Scribbles items, and green items! The radio nest item is available to collect at the Shopping Mall, my bedroom also includes some top hi-tech items which were introduced to the Binscape in early May! What a crazy bedroom.

6My Hi-tech Kitchen! Packed full of hi-tech items just like my Cave Bedroom, the fridge in the centre is the cheapest hi-tech item! This room is also filled with top kitchen essentials & plenty of dining space. Very shiny!

5My Enchanted Forest! nest room! What a wonderful forest, the enchanted forest items are available at Nestco & the Tink’s Tree Throne is a very exclusive nest item, it goes perfectly in this nest room! There’s even some medieval nest items in this room too, mixing two themes together again!

nest room 1My Red Blingin’ nest room! I have included many red nest items including the Summer Fair Super Antenna Gem. The Tink’s Tree nest items really make this nest room stand out, mixed with the blingin’ nest items. Love this room!

10637586_1536128299940709_1623741810_nMy Bin Pet Funhouse nest room! Packed full of Summer Fair prizes, and funky nest rooms! I’ve included many prizes from the Summer Fair, including the latest additions – the Bin Pet Funhouse hut & Bin Pet Bounce Model! Bluefust loves it.


To finish up, the Nest Inspector awarded me Sliver for all my nest rooms which I’m quite happy about! I really do hope Weevily World viewers enjoyed looking & reading about my new nest rooms – I’ll be publishing a monthly ‘look inside post’ so be sure to stay tuned for that.

P.S: Some of Weevily World viewers don’t know who I am, I’m in fact Chip8967. I have a brand new weevil so if you see me in the Binscape be sure to say hi!

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Watch The New Weevil World Trailer

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevil World is an exciting upcoming game from the creators of Bin Weevils! Weevil World will be available to on your mobile & table devices soon! In the meantime while you’re waiting why not watch the new Weevil World trailer showing us some sneak peeks? Watch the Bin-credible trailer:

Are you ready to jump in and take charge? Assemble a crew of bots and build, trade and raid your way to the top! Grow luscious plants, harvest precious materials and craft beautiful items! Have you got what it takes to become a Weevil Legend?


Be sure to sign up over at weevilworld.com for exclusive Weevil World updates & newsletters! Weevily World will be reporting all the news about Weevily World & we will be posting much more sneak peeks for you to enjoy!

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