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Construct-A Bugz Are Here!,Kieran6955 Reviews Construct-A Bugz *Plus Hunt Answers!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s what’s new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog:



The Construct-A Bugz have taken over Slam’s Party Box, and you can go there right now!

Filled with nest items to collect, videos to watch, competitions to enter and games to play, there’s plenty to do and see! Can you complete the Construct-A Bugz hunt and piece together the mighty BEE Bug?

Our mystery weevil with the construct-a-bugz fan poster an

Our mystery weevil with the construct-a-bugz fan poster and nest item!


This afternoon, Construct-A Bugz flew its way into the bin and kieran6955 went to Slams Party Box and saw this…


Also, if you walk inside the Battle Arena which you can do lots of activities!


If you click the arrow on the right you will take yourself to a photo place which you can take  pictures with your bin buddies!


That was me beside codemaster872.

Hunt Answers:

Bubble 1 can be found at Castle Gam

Bubble 2 can be found at Gongs Pipe Nest

Bubble 3 can be found at Club Fling

Bubble 4 can be found at Flum’s Fountain

Bubble 5 can be found outside the Shopping Mall

Bubble 6 can be found at Dosh’s Palace 

That is all from me!Bye.

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Pictures taken from Bin Weevils Ltd.

All rights reserved.

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