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Bin Buzz: The Nestige Range!

Hello Weevily Friends!,

Here is the latest from the Bin Weevils ‘What’s New Blog’:


Scribbles: Hiya, friends! I’m here with the Nest Inspector, who’s soon to be launching his own range of prestigious nest items. These Bin-tastic Nestige items will be guaranteed to boost your nest coolness…wow!  So tell us, Nest Inspector, what inspired you to create your new range?

Nest Inspector: Well, it’s quite simple really! I love beautiful nests! I thought about what kinds of items I’d like to see in an award-winning nest and then I got started designing them. The first one will be out soon!

Scribbles: How will you decide what kinds of items to design, and how do you know what will make a nest room look great?

Nest Inspector: I get my inspiration everywhere – from books and magazines, from the Binscape around me, from amazing architecture like Dosh’s Palace…and, of course, from what I hear among my fans. My fans’ opinion about what makes a great nest is very important.

Scribbles: Luckily, a lot of them read the What’s New Blog! Let’s ask them!

Dear readers, what do YOU think makes a nest room amazing? The perfect nest item combo? The ideal colour scheme? One brilliant centrepiece that catches the eye?

Tell us your nest decorating tips and advice below!

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Scribbles Asks: The Bin Pet Temple!

Hello Bin Weevils

From the What’s New Blog:


The jungle on Mulch Island is full of ancient mysteries and secrets, and the most amazing of all is the Bin Pet Temple. You can get there by accepting the Raiders of the Lost Bin Pet mission at SWS Headquarters in Castle Gam!

This awesome, crumbling ruin was built in ancient times, and no one has managed to explore the whole thing yet. Many of its chambers and passageways are still buried underground!

Who do you think built the temple in the past, and why? What do you think is hidden in the lower chambers we haven’t explored yet? Let me know in the comments below

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Coming Soon: Bin Weevils Mag Issue #14 and NEW! The Great Bin Weevils at Club Fling!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Here’s whats new from the Bin Weevils Whats New Blog today:


Have your ears been itching to check out more tunes from the upcoming Bin Weevils music album? Bin-tastic news! A clip of a brand-new track, The Great Bin Weevils, has been added to the Club Fling party. Rock on over there to check it out now!

We’ll release a new song clip every week as we count down to Bin Tunes. Plus, each time you listen to a new song, you can pick up a FREE Music Note wall sticker for your nest – one of 12 to collect.

Check out the full track listing on binweevilsmusic.com, and don’t forget to download the Big Bin Weevil Ball single!

Let us know what you think about the new track, The Great Bin Weevils, in the comments below!



There’s a brand new issue of Bin Weevils Mag coming your way this week, and it’s gonna be Bin-brilliant! Not only is it packed with Bin news, info on your favourite celebs and brain-busting puzzles, but you’ll also find an extra Mystery Code inside along with loads of other Bin-tastic gifts!


Bin Weevils Magazine is available at all good newsagents and supermarkets (*UK only)

Note To All WW Authors:

I probably am not supposed to say this, but I am. Jude, you can remove this if you would like.

Please could all you WW Authors wake up? I have been doing nearly all the Whats New posts all week and I need a break. It isn’t enjoyable for me to do every post for you all. It’s really annoying and I am constantly worrying if any of you are ever going to help me with the Whats New posts. Thank you. Also, I feel like I am the only one that posts around here (only supported with a few of your posts). It is really not fair on me.

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Weevil Weekly Issue #177 OUT NOW!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s whats new from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog today:

Inside this issue: A peek at Easter items, new tulip seeds for your garden, 2 Bin-tastic secret codes and much more!

Don’t forget to enter Scribbles’ competition for a chance to win his trophy!

Artwork can be emailed to competitions@binweevils.comwith the subject line SCRIBBLES COMPETITION!

You can also send your entries by post to:
Scribbles Competition 
Bin Weevils Limited
42 Upper Berkeley Street
London W1H 5QJ
United Kingdom


Important: Don’t forget to include your Bin Weevils username, or we won’t be able to accept your entry!

Stay tuned for Weevily World’s review soon!

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An original Weevily World post by phurple

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Bin Weevils, Canada Day and July 4th Celebrations!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s a quick update from the Bin Weevils What’s New blog:

All item’s in this post have been taken directly from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog.

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All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd.

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Are You Ready for Mulch Mayhem?/Weevil Weekly Issue #139 Out Now!

Hello  Bin Weevils!

Check out the latest items to arrive on the Bin Weevils What’s New blog today!

To celebrate the launch of the Bin Weevils Trading Cards, a Mulch Mayhem Party has arrived at Flem Manor!

We’re a weevily bit busy here at Weevily World at the moment, so we don’t have time to cover this in detail now, but click here to visit the What’s New blog, to read all about it all!

We promise that Weevily World will post or re-blog, more about this soon!

Issue #139 of Weevil Weekly has also just hit the news stands today! 

Weevil Along to Weevil Post to read it!

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All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd.

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Bin Weevils is Back! Weevily World says: WOW!!!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here is the news you have all been waiting for!  Bin Weevils is back up and running!

These pictures will give you some idea, about what’s been going on:

Use the new icon to change your Bin Weevils’ expression!
Happiness and Fitness Icons are gone!
What does that mean for the Flum’s Fountain mushrooms?

judisue now has 40 of the NEW DOSH COINS!
How many do you have?

Weevily WOW and everyone can have bin pets now!

We’ll be posting all the info about these new features, as soon as we’ve fully explored them for ourselves!  There are lots of exciting new things though so we reckon we won’t be back for a while!

To read the What’s New blog and to find out what Dosh has told Scribbles about all this, please click here.

PS. Please be patient! Bin Weevils has been down all day and it will be very crowded now! Bin Weevils will have done their best to iron out any glitches but new stuff can sometimes present problems.

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All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd.

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Official Bin Weevils Magazine Issue #4 Out Now!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Will you be running to the shops as soon as you finish school today, to buy Issue #4 of the Official Bin Weevils Magazine?  Inside you’ll get a code for 10,000 Mulch and the codes for two new exclusive nest items: A replica of Gam’s War Helmet and a replica of Colin the Dragon’s first baby tooth too!

Remember: The only way you can own these amazing nest items is to buy the mag.  The codes can only be used once, so if you haven’t got the mag, you won’t get the items!

As usual, the mag is absolutely jam-packed with weevily exciting stuff!  Best Nest, Best Bin Garden, Bin Weevils cartoon strips, Bin Weevils secrets, competitions, puzzles and activities!  And if that wasn’t enough already, you can learn how to make your very own Tink and Clott crafts and there’s a packet of yummy Haribo Sweets in there too!  All that for £2.99?  Wowzer!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Bin Weevils What’s New blog  for the Issue #4 Pop Quizzes/Bonus Mag Quizzes, because when they appear, we will be running our Weevily World mini-competitions!  If you can solve a quiz before we do and you are the first weevil to submit the correct code, we’ll feature your entire nest, right here on Weevily World! Click here to view our last winner: RFLAME100’s nest!

If you’ve been having trouble finding the Official Bin Weevils Magazines in your local shops, click here to visit the What’s New blog, where you can download a magazine order form, which you can hand to your newsagent to make sure you never miss another issue!  There’s also a new poll up, where you can vote for your favourite magazine content.

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Please note: Image reproduced from Bin Weevils What’s New blog!

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Celebrity Bin Weevils Nest Items! Flash Sale! Week 3

Hello Bin Weevils!

The Celebrity Bin Weevils nest items that you voted for this week, are in the shops now!  As before, these items are available for lower levels and much cheaper prices than they were originally, when they were first for sale at the Bin Weevils Celebrity Party.

This weekend’s flash sale items are:

Item Details:

Celebrity Cafe Wallpaper  level 10  6000M  180XP

BMTV Microphone  level 12  750M  22XP

Tink Bed  level 15  2800M  84XP

Scribbles Celebrity  Star  level 10  450M  13XP

Remember: You need to be a Bin Tycoon to be able to buy these items and they are on sale for this weekend only!

If you would like to see what these items look like in a nest room, please visit the Weevily World nest rooms page.

Please note: The above picture is reproduced from the Bin Weevils What’s New Blog.  Click the link to vote for next weekend’s flash sale items and for all sorts of other weevily good stuff too!

Please tell Weevily World which posts you like most by clicking the like button and we’d love you to help us get more views, by sharing our posts on Facebook and twitter too!

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