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Hello Bin Weevils!

Your bin-tastic Bin Weevils mystery codes start here!

The first installment of codes by codex is a list of codes that will all give you free nest items, although some of them will give you XP and/or Mulch too.

We have tried all of these codes very recently and can assure you that they will all work.  However, if you find a code on this page which has expired, please let us know.

TREAT6 – Nest Item -welcome sign
SECRET8 – Nest Item – box chair
BAFTA4BW2011 – Nest Item – BW won the bafta wallpaper
FORTUNE219 – Nest Item – fabs fortune machine
TOILET2849 – Nest Item – halloween toilet
7206696115137 – Nest Item – bookcase
72096115137160 – Nest Item – bookcase
C6247OUTWIT – Nest Item – whoopee cushion
WW100THANKYOU – Nest Item – weevil weekly poster
TOXIC711 – Nest Item – fish head
GOGIRL711 – Nest Item – hearts wallpaper
BUNTY – Nest Item – monster book
GREENEYE11 – Nest Item – halloween poster 1
REDEYE10 – Nest Item – halloween poster 2
MYSTERY3 – Nest Item – box chair
BIN4 – Nest Item – welcome sign

FLEMMANOR2012 – Nest Item – 2012 new year banner

HALL13 – Nest Item|100 Mulch|13 XP – pumpkin lantern

BINWEEVILS8 - Fish Head 2

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Codes for XP and Mulch

63 – 1000 Mulch

685 – 1000 Mulch

MULCHMAG1120 – 1000 Mulch

SWSP4KJL47AF – 1000 Mulch

3RED6SCRIBBLES – 500 Mulch

SEA2012 - 500 Mulch

167HOLIDAY1 – 500 Mulch/30 XP

LAB229MULCH3 – 200 XP


WW150XP3 - 150 xp

WW150MULCH13 - 150 mulch


In the interests of keeping this list as up to date as possible:

GIFT9 – welcome sign

FAW275L9Z3P4 – bin pet wallpaper

3ORANGE14 -  blue sweet jar item/50 mulch

325645 – Ink’s magnifying glass statue nest item

986SLD3Z7J – exploding bell jar nest item

IMAGINE2012BW – SWS poster

LAB19SLUDGE5RED8 – Bin Weevils Magazine poster Issue #1

16STICKER1026 - Scribbles wall sticker

LUCKY2012GREEN - St. Patrick’s Day poster

9BLUE10FLAG15KIP – Bin Weevils Mag poster Issue #2

BUNNY2012HOP - Scribbles Easter Poster

300TINK2PET4KEY – Dosh Jack-in-the-box Nest Item

48MAGIC10 – Red & White Mushroom Stool Nest Item

7GREEN1549FLING9 – Dosh’s Top Hat & Monocle Replica

(credit to discowboy & dadonnblueweevil)

PLANET2012BW – Earth Day Wallpaper

16SCRIBBLES3 – Coconut Torch Nest Item

DOSH3PINK6GREEN3 – Bin Weevils Mag poster Issue #3

SMK422A8T6Y – filing cabinet nest item

TGZ638J9A4Q – exploding Birthday Cake nest item

321338 – Balloon Blower Nest Item

TINK57BLUE3DOSH7 – Bunty’s Signed Celebrity Star nest item

Credit to RFLAME100

19FOOTBALL11 – Extra Bouncy Football nest item

RUG18MANOR11KIP7 – Bunty’s Backstage VIP Passes nest item

BW2012ROYAL – Jubilee Bunting nest item

RIGGRED5HAM7PINK – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #4

DOSH2APPLE6RED8 – Posh’s Signed Celebrity Star Poster

YUCK2972 – Smelly Sock Chandelier nest item

(credit to sosaphink)

ICKY3859  - Slime Wallpaper nest item

475BOSH10356BLUE – Lady Wawa Poster nest itemissue 5 poster

(credit to RFLAME100)

DOSH24KEM10CROWN – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #5

FRIDAY13TH – Slime Cauldron nest item

RIGG1016TONG905 – Posh Poster

GONG5HEM12POSH4 – Flip collectors plaque nest item

BOUNCE2012 – Miniature Flip’s Ball – Bin Pet Balls nest item

519253133 – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #6

5DOTTROTT42WEB – Pirate Flag nest item

923413 – Party Time Bin Pet House

172530334753 – Ink’s Wallpaper

8DRAGON – Gam & Baby Colin Picture

ZOOM2012FLAM – Flam Poster

426NEST886 – Nest Inspector Fan Poster

BUGZ3R6D6 – Nest Inspector Mirror

4939123635 – Coat Stand

WW150POSTER15 - 150th issue  Weevil Weekly Postercoat stand

SCRIBBLESSTAR12 – Scribbles Celebrity Star Poster

(credit to TELIK2456)

473235 – Bin Weevils Mag Poster Issue #7

2SLAM6RAM10CLOTT - Lab’s Magic 8 Ball

TRIGG7324KEMBLUE - Lab’s Workstation

FLAM2840JAM4ROPE – Weevil X Poster

SCRIBBLESBOO – Halloween Poster of Scribbles

(Credit to Weevilpedia)

SCRIBBLESMAGIC – Scribbles Halloween Poster


BW4573WALL – BW BAFTA Wallpaper 2012

BW8765TROPHY – BW BAFTA Trophy 2012

HALLOBIN31 – Halloween Sign

GFOX511 – Fireworks Wallpaper

7SLIMEDIGG695KIP – Bin Weevils Mag fan poster #8

SMYTHS2012 – SMYTHS toy-shop wallpaper

TOYMASTER1112 – Toymaster dog nest item

(Credit to CUDD)

32WHIZZFIGG6PUNT – Flam’s Propeller nest item

BAFTA4BW2012 - BW 2012 BAFTA Balloons

GLITTER24 – Gold Christmas Tree

12HOLLYGOSH3110 – BW Mag Poster #9

MERRY2412 – Cookies and Milk

WEEVILYWISH2013 – Happy New Year Banner

GO6COLIN2GLITTER – The Official Guide Wallpaper

(Credit to cookiemonste619)

CTD95YAG7H7 – Colin the dragon window

(Credit to cookiemonste619)

BINMUSIC2013 – Golden Saxophone

12151617 – BW Mag poster issue #10

JET398FRUIT2 – 250 Mulch

 334147407675 - Fling Rocks Poster

RESPECT – SWS Wallpaper


10ROCK30 – Bin Weevils Rock poster

ZING8BOP6HEM6BED – BW Mag Fan Poster issue #11

CICERO24GLUM1118 – BW mag 1ssue #12 fan poster

71625126148156 – Pile of Dosh & Mulch notes & coins

SWS4GSFS4WXSBA – Castle Gam Dungeon Door

LUCKY2013 – St Patricks Day poster

DOSH2013WW – Dosh’s Top Hat and Monocle

156315963 – Spring Bin Pets Poster

 (credit to fifa42)

BESTNESTBUNNY – Easter Nest Inspector Poster

EASTER2013 – Easter Banner

EGGS2013 – Scribbles Easter Poster

3PINK7TUMDAB11 – BW Mag fan poster issue #13

BEGREEN2013 – Earth Day wallpaper

(Credit to Imogen for reminding me to add this code)

725273141 – BW Mag fan poster issue #14

WELCOME123 – welcome sign (NEW)

(credit to beano150)

MISSYOU123 – Tink & Clott bed

GROSS9254 – floating eyes cannister

(credit to Letshavesometea, 12theron & chelskisummer)

SLIMY8345 – slime bed

(credit to Letshavesometea, 12theron & chelskisummer)

FIESTA – Pinnata nest item

40MUSHROOMS – SWS Bin Pet trophy

LSFS96ATBL7XTF – laser WEB shield

(thanks to khalil4243 for reminding me to add this code)

CHRISTMASINJULY - Bing Christmas Portrait

81626323640 – BW Mag #15 fan poster

(credit to sheepes)

RAENERASEIPSBEW - boat rucksack (From The SWS Handbook)

381414592592350 – top telescope (From The SWS Handbook)

BINKRAZE4692 – Bin Weevil vacuum cleaner

(Credit to jjs63)

156945293539 – Water balloon canon (From The SWS Handbook)

BEESCENT13 – Bee Scent Flower Seed (Caution! Flower withers after 2 days if you don’t water it!)

SLAMSJAM - dance podium

31343840 – BW Mag poster issue #16

CLOTT3927 – Clott Jack-in-the-box (New code)

(Credit to Spyrox)

WIMBLEDONCHAMP - Union Flag Bunting

5727333741 – Bin Weevils magazine fan poster issue #17

12POTION - Nest Inspector Holiday Picture (code from Best Nest Sticker Book)

(Credit to mrbean862)

TINKNCLOTTROCK14 – Bin Weevils album 2014 wallpaper

MAGELTSACYORTSED - Weevil X Gun Floor Lamp

(Credit to Jsh1)

571727293133 – BW Mag issue #18 fan poster

WEEVILWEEKLY200 - 200th Weevil Weekly issue poster

GOLDEN201 - Gold Scribbles Puppet

ANTENNA - Pirate Mug nest item

(Credit to bear3541)

 12202456 - Candy Cauldron nest item

(Credit to bear3541)

PIRATE2013- Posh’s Halloween pirate poster

ZOMBIE2013- Zombie Halloween poster

13121714 - Bouncing Eyeballs Halloween nest item

BRIGHTBAT13 – Bat light

MIDNIGHT – Vampire Portrait

(credit to Uchenna)

PETS4NOSE723640- Bin Weevils Magazine issue #20 fan poster

TINK4563- Bafta Kids’ Vote nest item

CLOTT8921- Bafta Kids’ Vote nest item

BUNTY9489- Bafta Kids’ Vote nest item

TINKISAZOMBIETOO – 300 Mulch top-up

BINPET6845- Bin Pet wallpaper

124314- Candy cane and 50 XP

BAFTA4BW2013- Bafta balloons                  vpde1

182130375558- 300 Mulch

651021- Bin Pet toy

123834- Bin Pets wallpaper

17132120- Christmas wallpaper

yes40- Reindeer Statue

SNOWDAY423- Mystery  gift (Bin Tycoon only)

HOLLYJOLLYMERRY-Pile of Christmas presents

JOLLY4321- Milk and cookies nest item

CHILL – Snowman Garden Item

SCRIBSNOWY – Scribbles with Snowman poster

283229323430 – Apple Pie nest item

RUGBY313DOSH3 - BW magazine issue #21 fan poster

HAPPY2014 - 2014 New Year Poster

CELEBRATE2014 – 2014 Throne

WW2014YAY –  2014 Scribbles Poster

ARRR2343 - 300 Mulch and 50 XP

FLING3GAM14BUNTY – BW Mag Issue #22 fan poster

WEEVILXSPOTTED – 300 Mulch and 50 XP

(Credit to ChippyG63)

FRIENDS - Teapot and cups nest item

534743 - Lady Wawa poster

(Credit to ChippyG63)

BUNTY17GREEN1825 – Bin Weevils magazine issue #23 fan poster

FLUTTER5835- Bin Tycoon mystery code

10090512CLOTT- Cake nest item

PIRATEBED- Bin Tycoon Pirate Bed nest item

BWMAG5845- Bin Weevils bunting item

BINGIFT492- Bin Tycoon code

2332445766808290- Nest Inspector’s shelf nest item

PADDY2014- St Patrick’s Day nest item

If you would like the codes for the Top Trumps Items, please click here. 

Notice for Bin Weevils bloggers:

Weevily World authors work incredibly hard to create great content for everyone to enjoy!  Please do not copy any Weevily World content without credit.

If you are a BW blogger and would like to add these codes to your own codes page, we are happy for you to do so, but please remember to use one of the links below or include a similar link to give credit.

For example:  “Thanks to Weevily World for helping to get this codes page started.”  or simply: This content is reproduced with permission from Weevily World.  Codes reproduced from Weevily World.  Includes content from Weevily World.

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*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Editor’s Note: Weevily World endeavors to keep these lists up-to-date.  Using these codes will get you to level 7 with 6,850 Mulch.  If you discover a code in these lists which has expired, please let us know by using the comments section on this page.  The codes on this page were last checked by judisue on 29th December 2013.

For the solution to the Star Fighters code breakers competition, click here.

DOSH coin codes are not available at this time.  Comments asking for DOSH codes might not be approved.

If you wish to comment a code, please make sure it’s not here already first!  The easiest way to check if we already have a code is to enter it in the Weevily World Search Box, at the bottom of this blog!  Comments of codes we already have might not be approved.

Comments on this page, not relevant to codes, might also not be approved.

Weevily World Quick Tip:

Code-crazy codex says: Enter these cool codes the easy way!  Use our Play Bin Weevils Now button at the bottom of the page to go straight to the Bin Weevils log in page.  Bin Weevils will open in a new tab.  Then use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste the codes into the Mystery Code Machine.

Not sure how to copy and paste?  Place your cursor alongside the code, then left click and drag over the code to highlight it.  Now hold down the control key (Ctrl) and press c to copy the code.  To paste the code into the Mystery Code Machine, hold down the control key and press v.


Every effort is made to ensure that all of the codes on this page are up-to-date and still working.  However, sometimes codes do expire and we rely on our blog viewers to let us know when this happens.

If you have a Bin Weevils code that we don’t have here, codex would love to hear from you!

Please send us your code via the comments, at the bottom of this page and if you are first to submit a new, working code, we promise that YOU will get the credit for it!

If you’ve solved the Weekend Puzzle Challenge, before we’ve posted it, please comment your solution on this page.  Credit will be given both on this page and on the WPC post.

Want to play Bin Weevils now?

Click on the picture to go straight to the Bin Weevils log in page.

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You will find more “Play Bin Weevils” picture links at the bottom of our other pages.

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2,133 thoughts on “Codes by Codex

  1. ArnoldS3886 says:

    Wow! Nobody commented since I last did!

  2. ArnoldS3886 says:

    123834 has expired. It was for the bin pet wall paper.

  3. Luna Moon says:

    I posted last weeks Weekend Puzzle Challenge answer Feb. 2nd for 300 mulch, and it isn’t showing yet in the Codes list. For those who missed it, it’s 223026182946. Top up your piggy banks weevil peeps 8-)

  4. Sweet says:


  5. mia1052 says:

    most of them worked. :)

  6. mintymoo368 says:

    Cool codes Codex. Hey, that’s a real tounge twister! Anyway, can I copy some of ur codes for my blog: ?

  7. ArnoldS3886 says:

    Aha! Codes r da best! If ny of you see meh around, I am ArnoldS3886 (43) Itz-Da-Twister (9) Icarly6970 (31) and more…..oh yh also Starla-Jayne and Starla-angel

  8. BATMAN8630 says:

    Very very very very useful codes!

  9. WERUBIN says:

    BWMAG5845 bunting from magazine stand comp. issue 23 tycoon page advert BINGIFT492 gets you a bin on wheels that opens up

  10. ArnoldS3886 says:

    Do you get binweevils mag codes for the nest items because I could use some. (dmd)

  11. ArnoldS3886 says:

    ugh da diamond didnt work (:))

  12. ArnoldS3886 says:

    Oh in xat you can make a diamond face thingy. Didnt mean to confuse you =)

  13. Antiqua says:

    ^.^ Theres a diamond smiley on Xat, he tried to do it :)

  14. HeroHarerama says:

    I love this codes a lot. But I found an error. The Pirate Bed code is “PIRATEBED” and not “PIRATEBE”

  15. Aisha says:

    ARR2343 has expired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. alex says:

    its not halloween

  17. fish301 says:

    butterfly is a code

  18. Twisted says:

    No It isn’t halloween look at your calendar. The halloween codes were produced at halloween.

  19. Can someone give me easter codes from here

  20. Werubin says:

    Bin tycoon code from ad in magazine 25 for a stilt jig scarecrow GARDEN8532
    Code for anyone from magazine 25 winner of design a plant code is EYEBALLS this gives u the evil eyeball plant

  21. magicom1 says:

    283229323430 – Apple Pie nest item
    Has Expired

  22. Itz-Carly says:

    I have a few Easter codes- EGGS2013 is a scribbles poster that was 8 dosh in the shop and EASTER2013 Is a bunting to go with it. Also- GARDEN8532 gives you the scarecrow and then, there is EYEBALLS that gives you a plant for your nest, and it moves!
    Hope thats usefull!

  23. Itz-Carly says:

    Also Heres another code for a wallpaper- EMPOWER

  24. megan says:

    hello codex my mom works for the binweevils team and she said that you forgot the sws bin pet one

  25. big weevil says:

    you should update your codes its nearly easter

  26. hernandez says:

    i have a member only codde: its this: GARDEN752

  27. hernandez says:

    nope\ this is the real one so ignore the 2 above

  28. hernandez says:

    GARDEN8532 is it

  29. poppet says:

    i love to get loads of codes and everything like that i wish there are some new ones coming out

  30. Jack says:

    most of them dont work anymore but thanks :)

  31. Smithe102 says:

    Some genuinely great information, Glad I discovered this. Good teaching is onefourth preparation and threefourths theater. by Gail. bckdbdkdkb

  32. leah79 says:

    some were expired but that`s ok

  33. WERUBIN says:

    There is a Tenth Easter egg that I have seen on nest visits, it matches the tenth lamp and looks like it has a face on it. It is a code I think does anyone know what the code is please.

  34. WERUBIN says:

    ps. regarding Megans reply what is the sws bin pet code that she mentiones and what item is it for please.

  35. WERUBIN says:

    pps regarding my earlier message about the tenth egg apparently the code is from a binweevil tv advert? did not know there was one.

  36. WERUBIN says:

    HI have found code for 1oth egg now on one CHIP 8967 sites. EGG HUNT. thanks chip .

  37. eminem8266 says:

    how do you get cods then

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