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Play Original Gam’s Canon Game!

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’m loving the new Gam’s Canon game, that arrived at the great Bin Weevils Summer Fair, on Friday!  I’ve been playing it non-stop and I’m getting really close to a perfect score; nine out of ten, is my best, so far!  But did you know, Gam’s Canon is not a new game?

In actual fact, the new Gam’s Canon fairground game originated as a Bin Weevils in-game mini-game*.  The original version of Gam’s Canon is a lot trickier, than the new version but it’s just as much fun to play and thanks to the kind folk at Bin-Xtra, this great old game has been preserved, for all Bin Weevils to play it today!

To play the original version of Gam’s Canon, please click on the image below.  Gam’s Canon will open in a new tab, so when you’re finished there, why not come back here and leave us a comment, on this post, to let us know what you thought of the game?

If you’d like links to play more old Bin mini-games and the fab Bin-Xtra games arcade please click here.

I would also like to congratulate new BW blogger squidia, for noticing the same thing, yesterday.  I was going through the reader and I noticed her post on this subject, which reminded me I’d begun this one, earlier in the day!

*Note to viewers: I believe Gam’s Canon might have been on an arcade machine somewhere in the Old Bin, maybe at Kip’s Scrapyard?  I’m really not sure about this at all, so if any blog viewers can provide clarification, I will add it to the post!

By judisue … Please like, share & reblog.


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How Bin Weevils places change! A Must Read!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Recently I was skimming through the old Whats New Blog entries to find out more info about the Bin bank Of Dosh, when I stumbled across a post about Tinks Tree coming to the bin! It was in made up of an interview between Scribbles and Rigg, about him planting a tree many weevily years ago in Peel Park (more about that later) and it grew and grew so much it out-grew Peel Park! Here were the early blueprints of Tinks Tree:

early tinks tree


As you can see, there are some differences between that and the Tinks Tree that happened (below), but many things are the same! Who would have thought that tree was the reason Peel Park disappeared. Shame.

tinks tree

History of Peel Park (Written By Phurple on behalf of his memories :) ):

peel park


Peel Park (pictured) was a place in the Binscape where Weevils could hang out and play games together. Different games would appear on Noticeboards each month, encouraging weevils to come back and play in the Park each month. But in 2011, Bin Weevils wanted to have a massive update to the Bin Skyline, it completely re-designed every place in the bin-scape, including the log-in page, the look of the site and everything. So Peel Park was deleted along with Inks Orange Peel (pictured) and another place I can’t remember the name of.


Also, they updated Tums Diner, as many think that it was always in its own building (pictured)

rums airport new

but actually, it was in the Shopping Mall, and Rums Airport was on it’s own!

See Tums Diner?

See Tums Diner?

But actually, Rums Airport (then named Rums Cove), looked like this quite literally!

But actually, Rums Airport (then named Rums Cove), looked like this quite literally!

See how much the Binscape has changed?

Thank you to all the people who let me use their photos of the old Bin!

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Have you ever thought of what the old bin looked like? Well, now you can see it for the first time!

**I do not know why the video’s link to a playlist. If anyone could help me I would be most grateful! I will give you credit :)** 

Hello Bin Weevils,

This week I am going away with my secondary school to a residential course in Spain. That means that I will not be able to post, so I will try to make this one worthwhile. I was looking for old Bin Weevils videos on You Tube and Google, but I couldn’t seem to stumble across any. But then, I found the official Bin Weevils channel had 3 videos of the old bin and it’s features. So, for the first time ever on a Bin Weevils blog, here are the videos with a bit of my explanation underneath.

Number One, the original advertisement.

This video was the first ever version of Bin Weevils, so you can get a really vivid vision on what it was like 6 years ago! Inks Orange Peel was in the bin (for you new weevils-the old Flums Fountain). I have been on Bin Weevils since 2009 and have no plans to stop now :).

Number Two, the original promo video.

This video is basically summing up Bin Weevils, and was put on all of your television sets on Nickelodeon (or commonly known as Nick) to attract more people to the growing site, Bin Weevils. Note:It says the only UK based site of it’s time. Club Penguin is NOT UK, it is Disney in the USA. Also, I like this video because on it the narrator said we have just had 417,000 people join Bin Weevils, a few weeks ago the site just got their 20,000,000th! That shows how old this video is :).

Number Three, Bin Weevils Tour.

I thought you new weevils would like this video as it shows you how you used to join/play Bin Weevils. In that version of Bin Weevils, there was not a Bin Weevil look changer to change your look if you didn’t like it. You had to be super sure that was your correct look as that would be yours until the changer appeared in 2011. Also, it said on the video if you did a competition, you could wear a crown. I have that crown in my hat box lol.

Credit to Bin Weevils and Bin Weevils You Tube for the videos.

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There’s Always Something To View On Weevily World …

Hello Bin Weevils!

If your checking in on Weevily World after 9pm UK time, your probably either an older Bin Weevils fan or you don’t live in the UK.  Whichever you are, it’s been a slow day on Bin Weevils today and you might be wondering what you could do?  Here’s some suggestions from Weevily World:

Why not play some of the brilliant “old Bin Weevils” games?

Weevily World has some games great old Bin Weevils Games games from Bin-Xtra, which you can play by clicking here and more great games, from The Bin Weevils World, which you can play by clicking here!

You can even play Smoothie Shack on Bin-Xtra. Simply click here.

When you click the links, you’ll also find links to these sites Games Arcades, so you can play even more great, old and new Bin Weevils games!

Or why not learn some great Bin Weevils glitches?

For links to all of the brilliant Bin Weevils glitches, that have ever been posted on Weevily World, please click here.

Or have some fun with Bin Weevils secrets!

Click this link to discover lots more, than just how to turn Dosh’s Palace green!

Next time there’s a slow day on Bin Weevils, don’t forget to take another look at Weevily World.   With more than one thousand posts for you to view, you never know what you might find!

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judisue post icon

An original Weevily World post by judisue.


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Kieran6955 Reviews Whack A Weevil! *Post Updated! Now Includes Link to Old Whack A Weevil Game!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today, Whack A Weevil came back, better than ever!  And I am here to review it.

Firstly, you’ll have to go to Flem Manor and click the sign that says “WHACK A WEEVIL”.


Here’s Weevily World author thedoctor999 outside the new Whack A Weevil entrance at Flem Manor.

The only Mulch that I earned from it was 1!  There is also at leader board for it … Here it is:


Looks like I’m at the top with 149 points!

This is a  picture of me in game-play- it’s really fun!


In-game screenshot by Kieran6955

The brand new Whack A Weevil has lots more features than the original game, so reading the instructions carefully is probably a very good idea!


There’s a lot more going on in this new version of Whack A Weevil!


judisue managed to complete level one …


but she was sadly defeated by level two!

Whack A Weevil Top Tip:

Thedoctor999 recommends you use a mouse when playing Whack A Weevil.  Trying to play this game with the track pad on a laptop is pretty tricky – which is the excuse that judisue is using to explain why she did so badly at it!

Do you remember the old Whack A Weevil game?  Brilliant Bin Weevils blog Bin-Xtra have preserved lots of great old Bin Weevils games for you and you can play them all by visiting their Games Arcade!

Click on the picture to play Whack A Weevil – old Bin Weevils style!

Whack a Weevil Game

You can also find more old Bin Weevils games by clicking on the Play Old Bin Weevils Games category, at the side of this post.

This post was originally created by Kieran6955.



Post updated and edited by judisue and includes contributions from thedoctor999.  (Co-owner of Universal Edits.)

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What’s Dosh Been Up To? Play Old & New Bin Weevils Games While You Wait!

Hello Bin Weevils!

If you’ve been trying to log in to Bin Weevils today, you’ll have seen this screen:

These are the coins we saw sketches of, in Issue #4 of the Official Bin Weevils Magazine!
Click on the pic to read our post!

Weevily World has no idea how long a “little while” might be, but in the meantime, why not play some of the brilliant “old Bin Weevils” games?

Weevily World has some games great old Bin Weevils Games games from Bin-Xtra, which you can play by clicking here and more great games, from The Bin Weevils World, which you can play by clicking here!

You can even play Smoothie Shack on Bin-Xtra! Simply click here!

When you click the links, you’ll also find links to these sites Games Arcades, so you can play even more great old and new Bin Weevils games!

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Image reproduced from Bin Weevils Maintenance Screen.

All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd.

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Play Smoothie Shack

Hello Bin Weevils!

Yesterday, here on Weevily World, we treated our Bin Tycoon blog viewers to three cool Tycoon Island glitches so today, we thought it would only be fair, to treat our non Tycoon blog viewers to something cool too.

We’ve once again, turned to the excellent Bin-Xtra for help.  Unlike some other Bin Weevils blog sites (which we’re not going to mention here) Bin-Xtra make their files available and so, it is with many thanks to them that we are able to bring all of our blog viewers, the opportunity to play the Smoothie Shack game, right here from the comfort of Weevily World!

For our non Tycoon blog viewers; the Smoothie Shack game is only to be found on Tycoon Island, so you would usually need to be a Bin Tycoon to play it, but thanks to those clever Bin-Xtra weevils, everyone can play Smoothie Shack whenever they want to!

Obviously, you won’t earn any Mulch or XP from the game, but it is great fun to play!

Click on the picture to play.

If you would like to play more great Bin Weevils games, there are another seventeen different games, for you to enjoy in the fabulous Bin-Xtra Arcade!  Click here to visit and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Bin-Xtra site, while you are there!

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More old Bin Weevils Games for you to play!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Now that the hunt for the Golden Bin Weevil is officially over,  Weevily World continues on it’s mission, to bring you only the very best original Bin Weevils content and great Bin Weevils content from all around the web too!

Here at Weevily World, it is bloggitt’s job to roam the web in search of great Bin Weevils content and today, he has done very well indeed, as he has found some more bin-tastic old Bin Weevils games for you to play!  If you enjoyed playing the great Bin Weevils Games in our post Can’t log in to Bin Weevils? Play these great Bin Weevils games instead, then we know that you’re going to love the games we have for you today as well!

Our games today, come to you courtesy of Bin Weevils Fan Site “The Bin Weevils World“.  What we think is really cool about this site is that it is made by Magazine Maker, who still regularly plays Bin Weevils!  In fact, our very own lazy-jay saw Magazine Maker outside the Bin Weevils Celebrity Party, surrounded by fans, only a few days ago!  So keep your eyes open when you are playing Bin Weevils and maybe you could be lucky enough to spot this well known weevil too!

As before we have chosen our favourite three games for you to play as well as including a link to The Bin Weevils World Home Page at the bottom of this post.

Click on the pictures to play the games.

Our first game is Sum’s Number Game.  This is brilliant!  It’s basically the same as Yahtzee but so weevily much better!

Our second game is Kip’s Clearance Game.  You control Tink and Clott who must protect Kip, as he sleepwalks through a landscape strewn with obstacles!

Please note: The original link for this game no longer works. Clicking on the picture will take you to a Bin Cheats blog page that includes this game.

Our third and final game is Mulch Blaster.  A weevily playable shoot-em-up game, that we know you’ll want to play again and again!

The original link for this game no longer works. Clicking on this picture will take you to a Bin Games blog page, where you will find Mulch Blaster, Mulch Football AND Mulch Shoot too!

We hope you will love these old Bin Weevils games as much as we do and Weevily World would like to give a big THANK YOU to Magazine Maker for his site, The Bin Weevils World and especially, for making these games accessible to everyone!

If you enjoyed these games and would like to play more great, old Bin Weevils games, click here to view our post Can’t log in to Bin Weevils?  Play these great Bin Weevils Games instead, where you can play: Whack A Weevil, Flem’s Dart’s Game and Gam’s Cannon Game.

And don’t forget to click here and pay a visit to The Bin Weevils World, where there are more great games for you to play!

NOTE: You can find the all the Bin Weevils Crossword answers and all the Bin Weevils Wordsearch answers on our new CROSSWORDS/WORSEARCHES page!

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Can’t log in to Bin Weevils? Play these great Bin Weevils games instead!

Hello Bin Weevils!

So far today, we have been unable to log in to Bin Weevils and it would appear that many of you are unable to log in either.  So, we thought we would help you to avoid suffering from Bin Weevils withdrawal and bring you some bin-tastic Bin Weevils Games that you can play, while you’re waiting for the Bin Weevils site to get itself sorted out.

The games that feature below come to you from Bin-Xtra, who very deservedly won the Wevilly Cheats Award for Best Bin Weevils Cheat/Help Site.  There are lots of great games for you to play in the Bin-Xtra Arcade and we’ve selected our favourite 3 games for you to play here.

Simply click on the pictures to play the games.

Whack a Weevil – an old favourite of ours!

Flem’s Darts Game – drop snot on the bin-bottomers!

Gam’s Canon Game – weevily bemfin great fun!

Bin-Xtra has loads more weevily great games for you to play.  Click here to be taken to the Bin-Xtra Bin Weevils Arcade!

You can even see what your Bin Weevil would have looked like if you had created it in the old bin! The picture below shows how judisue might have looked:

Simply click on the picture to be taken to Bin-Xtra’s Old weevil Maker feature and see what you would have looked like in the old bin!

We hope that the Bin Weevils Site will be working properly again very soon, but we’re quite sure that these weevily fun games will help to keep you entertained until then.

Please note: Some of the original links for this post have been replaced.

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