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Bin Weevils Glitches On Weevily World

Hello Viewers!

You already know that, here at Weevily World, all of our team members work very hard, to bring you only the very best Bin Weevils content.  You know that almost every day, you’ll find at least one new post, on the Home page but, what you might not know, is that we are also constantly updating all of our other pages and sub-pages too!

One recent update, is the addition of a designated glitches glitches page.  Over the last two years, Weevily World has published a lot of posts about glitches.  Previously, those posts were filed in our Bin Weevils Glitches category, which contains an impressive total of thirty-six posts!  The links for each glitch post, were added to a BW glitch links post.  Recently, that post has been made into a page – making it much easier for our viewers to find and learn how to perform, their favourite Bin Weevils glitches.

We’d love you to take a look at our Glitches! page.  We’d also love to hear from viewers who can tell us how to perform new glitches!

Here's Weevily World's fiddgett, standing in front of the rainbow we're wanting to get closer to!

Here’s Weevily World’s fiddgett, standing in front of the rainbow we’re wanting to get closer to!

We want to know how to get by the other rainbow at Flum’s Fountain?  We already have a method to get to the full rainbow on the left-hand side of the fountain.  It’s the rainbow on the right-hand side, that we want to get to.  We know this can be done, because we’ve seen pictures, but so far, the method eludes us!

We want to know how to use the Tycoon Camera, in unusual locations?  We’ve seen pictures of that too!

We also want to know how to double or triple plant a Bin Garden?  Yes, we’ve seen pictures of that as well!

If anyone can tell us, how to perform any of these glitches, or how to perform any glitch, we’ve not posted about previously, we’ll give that person full credit, including a link to their own blog, if they have one!*

Please note: Weevily World does not publish glitches that could spoil other users’ in-game enjoyment.  Neither will we publish glitches requiring the use of another program or hack.

*Credit will be given both in a post and also on the Glitches! page.

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How To Be BIG Inside The Witch’s Cafe?

Hello Bin Weevils

How to be big inside the Witch's cafe-1Did you know? In the Witch’s Cafe at the Bin Weevils Halloween Party you can become big. Some weevils have been struggling to become big and want to but need help, that’s why I’ve decided to make this quick post to tell you how.

1) Enter the Witch’s Cafe and go down the stairs.

2) When you’ve reach the bottom click the exist your weevil should move and go out.

3) Then when your weevil is in the main area go back inside the Witch’s Cafe.

4) When you have entered click the floor and rocks and your weevil should come closer near the cauldron and be big!

That’s it, it’s very simply and the Witch’s Cafe is my favorite part of the Halloween Party! Did you know? Bin Weevils has brought back the Witch’s Cafe 3 years now which I think it’s great.

Watch the video: 

If you would like to watch a video created by me please do so below, you may find the video better it’s up to you which one you prefer! The Witch’s Cafe is a great place to hang out with your bin buddies.

Want more glitches? Click here to view Weevily World’s Glitches page now! I hoped this helped you weevily friends, thank you to judisue for telling me how to do this!

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A Video To Illustrate The Slime Pool Glitch … by judisue

Hello Bin Weevils!


judisue is quite small in the video, so here’s a picture of what she looks like, so you can find her!

As I hadn’t made a video for a while and I had a bit of spare time last night, I made this one.  Some of you will be able to watch it while you are eating your breakfast!

It shows you how to do the Slime Pool glitch, discovered by Davee.  Although this video only shows the glitch performed at Castle Gam, you can use it to get you to strange locations, all around the binscape.


I’m quite pleased with how this one came out.  I think I made a good job of timing where the notifications should appear on screen.  Please let me know what you think in the comments.

You can view Davee’s original post here.

Learn more great Bin Weevils glitches by reading the Weevily World Bin Weevils Glitch Post.

You can view other Bin Weevils videos, that I have made, by clicking on this link or you can copy & paste it to your browser address bar.

The easy way to view all the videos, on my public playlists, is to download the FREE Weevily World community toolbar.

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A New Way To Get Out Of Bounds At Flum’s Fountain!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Yesterday I tried out one of the glitches which is how to get on the pot at the Castle Gam and thought this glitch could work in other areas! I had a try with other areas and the glitch had worked, I then went to Flums Fountain to try it out. Here’s an easier way on how to get out of bounds at Flums Fountain, first of all a Bin Tycoon membership is required to do this.

First of all visit the Slime Pool, which is located at tycoon island, did you know this glitch I’m about to show you can be done anywhere in the bin?


Once you’re at Slime Pool you will first need to climb the rocky steps, when you’ve reached the top I will tell you what you will need to do next!


After that, click on the slide and very quickly click on your map and go to Flums Fountain.


Quickly click you're map and select Flums Fountain

Quickly click you’re map and select Flums Fountain

Once you have arrived at Flums Fountain, click on the moves button and select this action, I’ve highlighted it in blue:


Click anywhere at Flums Fountain and there you go you will start walking out of bounds at Flums Fountain!


To see yourself out of bounds in this area, select one of the buttons on this pad in the corner and you will be turning your screen!



You never know where you’ll end up when you go out-of-bounds!

Please note: this glitch can work in any areas around the bin!

If you love Bin Weevils glitches, take a look at the links below:

If you would like to watch a video tutorial by judisue about this great glitch, please click here.

You can also go out-of-bounds at Flum’s Fountain by using the Weevily World Super Glitch!

Find all of Weevily World’s Bin Weevils glitches on the Weevily World Glitch Post.

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New Glitch Discovered – How To Get In The Pipe In Another Weevils Nest!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today I came across a glitch in another weevils nest and I would like to share it with you! I’m going to share with you how to stay in the pipe in your garden with three simple instructions, which are easy. I’m sorry but I cannot record a video of the glitch/secret so I will use some images instead.

Get an invite to a weevils nest and enter their garden. Warning this won’t work in your garden, make sure you go in someone elses nest.


Next, move to somewhere in the weevils bin garden and click on your bin badge icon at the bottom.


Finally, exit your bin badges and you’re now in the pipe in a bin garden! It’s so easy and probably you have already noticed this.

If you look closely you may see the legs of Davee's weevil. This is where you will end up!

If you look closely you may see the legs of Davee’s weevil. This is where you will end up!

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Sit On The Gang Plank of Wink’s Pirate Galleon – A Weevily World Quick Glitch Video by judisue

Hello Bin Weevils!

I was getting very bored, waiting for the cannon on Wink’s pirate galleon to fire and give me some Mulch.  So I after I’d whacked the cannon a few times, hoping to make it work, I started spinning and bouncing around and it occurred to me that the bounce out-of-bounds glitch might do something here. (Ok, I knew it wouldn’t make any difference whatsoever but waving my weevily little limbs and saying “whacks cannon” was making me feel better!)

Anyways … it turns out I was right and you can use your multi-bounce action to sit on the gang-plank!  All you have to do is use any one of your clicks, except for the first one, on the gang-plank itself and you’ll finish up sitting on it!

Here’s a very short video to show you how it is done:

PLease note: judisue has her multi-bounce at full power.  This glitch may or may not work if your multi-bounce is at a lower level.  If your multi-bounce action button has a purple outline it is at full power.

If you love Bin Weevils glitches, we’ve got loads more of them, here on Weevily World!  Click here for links to all Weevily World Bin Weevils glitches posts or Click here to view all posts in the Bin Weevils Glitches category.

Please click here to download the FREE Weevily World community toolbar.

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judisue red nose post icon

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Bin Jump On Mystery Code Machine! Post Includes “How to …” Video by judisue!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s a quick bin jumping glitch for you to try this afternoon.  This one will have you sitting on the Mystery Code Machine, outside Lab’s Laboratory!


That’s judisue in lime green & lilac, sitting on the Mystery Code Machine!  How did she get up there?

To bin jump to this location, I’ve used the usual technique.  In this case, I’ve used a Safari theme bed, placed in the bottom left hand corner, of the top left nest room.


The arrow is pointing to the nest room I used to do this bin jumping glitch.  Very basic picture editing but I’m sure you get the idea!


To bin jump on to the Mystery Code Machine, judisue used the orange Safari bed, in her Chinese New Year nest room.

In case you are not familiar with the bin jumping technique, I will run through exactly what you need to do, to bin jump from the bed to the Mystery Code Machine.

First of all, you will need to put the same item, in the same place and in the same room as I have.  (This bin jump may well work with other items, in other rooms but I haven’t tried it out.)  So put an orange Safari Bed in the bottom left hand corner, of the top left hand nest room.  (As shown in the pictures above.)

Next, use the Map to go to Lab’s Laboratory.  Let it load and then go back to your nest and into your top left nest room.

Get as far away from the bed as you can (to give you a decent run up) and then click on the bed.

As soon as your weevil starts walking towards the bed, quickly click the Map and select Lab’s Lab.

Once you arrive at Lab’s, click roughly where the bed would be, if you were still in your nest.

You will move towards the Mystery Code Machine and jump up on to it!

The trick to this is to do it quickly!  As soon as your weevil starts moving towards the bed, click Map, then Lab’s!

Note: You will end up facing the same way as judisue is in the picture, but if you want to turn around, use your spins.  If you try to use the arrows, you will jump back to the ground!

If you are finding the instructions hard to follow, I have made this short video for you:

Click where you see the blue spots, on the video.

You can view more Weevily World videos and all twelve Bin Weevils Cartoons, straight from the special YouTube button, which comes pre-installed on the FREE Weevily World community toolbar.  Click this link to download it!

You will find more great bin jumping locations and loads more cool Bin Weevils Glitches, in the Weevily World, Bin Weevils Glitches category.

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New Kitchen, New Looks and a New Glitch Video from judisue!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Here’s one of my bumper, multi-content blog posts for you to view, after your tea, after your bath or before your breakfast, tomorrow morning!  Whenever you view this post, I hope you will enjoy it and if you do, please don’t forget to like the post to let me know!

My New Kitchen … I’m still trying very hard to impress the Nest Inspector, so I figured it was about time I gave my nest kitchen a revamp.  I was actually quite happy with how my kitchen looked already, so I’ve just changed it a little, rather than starting, all over again with it.

Click on the picture to view full-size.


The kitchen is the only room I never put a bin pet house or hut in, because I think bin pets should stay out of the kitchen … which doesn’t seem to have stopped a very naughty meg, from just sneaking in anyway!

This nest room doesn’t really need any explaining!  The Retro Rock Cafe Floor is from Nestco and the Pink Retro Rock Cafe Wallpaper and Pink Ceiling are from Bin Mart.

As you can see, I’m still trying to get all of the stars on my Style Icon bin badge and I am pleased to announce; I have now got my third star!  I had to change my look on ten different days to get the third star and to get my fourth Style Icon star, I need to change my look on twenty different days, so I will be continuing to change my look a lot!

Did you know you can use your Bin Tycoon Camera to take pictures of your bin badges to go in your  Bin Mags?  You can also use your tycoon camera to take pictures of your bin bots too!


Working on my kitchen made me thirsty and this style icon look reminds me of tropical fruit …  so I dashed of to the Smoothie Shack for some refreshment!


Another new look for judisue!

Sometimes, finding a colour combination for your Bin Weevil, that you really like, can be hard, so I’ll carry on posting my Style Icon looks and you can either copy them, or use them to help inspire cool new looks of your own!

Don’t miss the next Weevily World Wednesday flash mob parade!  Tomorrow Wednesday 13th February 2013.  Bin and colours will be posted tomorrow!

Inspired by the fact that my first ever Bin Weevils video has already received 90 views, I’ve made a couple more!  The first video is of my nest rooms, plaza and bin garden, the second shows how to be BIG at the Rock n Roll party and my third video, shows you how to bounce BIG around your central nest room!

Click here to view all of the Bin Weevils glitches posted on Weevily World!

View Bin Weevils Cartoons and specially selected Bin Weevils videos, with the special YouTube button, which comes pre-installed on the FREE Weevily World community toolbar!

This glitch is just the bounce out-of-bounds glitch, performed in a nest and you will need to have your multi-bounce action button fully charged to be able to do it.  If your multi-bounce action button has a purple outline, you are good to go!

Go down to your plaza and use the first four clicks, roughly where I have shown.  (The video cursor with the blue spot is the one you need to copy.)  Use your fifth click on the button that teleports you up to your nest room and use your last click anywhere on the floor, in your central nest room.

Please click here to visit and donate on the Team Weevily World Red Nose Day Giving Page.

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Welcome to A Weevily World Bumper Blog Post! Two New judisue nest rooms, A Bin Weevils Photo Studio glitch and BW Bloggers at Weevil Post!

Have you downloaded the new Weevily World community toolbar yet?

Hello Bin Weevils!

I’ve got a few things I would like to share with you, so I’ve created this bumper blog post!  Perhaps you are reading this while you’re finishing off your Sunday tea, or maybe you’re reading this because you’ve just got out of the bath and you’re waiting for your hair to dry?  Maybe it’s Monday morning and you are reading this while you are having your breakfast, before you go on your way to school?  Whatever you are doing, I hope you will enjoy reading this post!

If you are a regular Weevily World blog viewer, you’ll know I’m trying really hard to win a gold nest trophy, this year.  Since the relaunch of Best Nest Magazine, I’ve been awarded three bronze nest trophies and two silver ones.  I’ve also been lucky enough to have three of my nest rooms featured in Best Nest.

Today I have two new nest rooms to show you.  My first room is another mash-up and features items from both the Celebrity Bunty set and the Sweet nest items collection.  The second room is my own version of Figg’s Rock Diner, at the new Bin Tycoon Rock n Roll party, which opened at Slam’s Party Box on Wednesday.

I’m calling my first room my “Bunty’s Little Sweets Tea Room”:


Biscuits, cake, little sweets, ice cream, candy floss and chocolate sauce!  If the Nest Inspector has a sweet tooth, he should like this new nest room!

Bunty’s Little Sweets Tea Room has been created with matching Little Sweets ceiling, floor and wallpaper and has,  accessories from the Sweet nest items theme, with some Celebrity Bunty items, mixed in as well.

There were dozens of nest items created for the Sweets theme and I’ve used some of my favourite items, from this theme, here.  I particularly like the pink icing sofa/bed, which I won when the theme was new and the biscuit sofa is a firm favourite too.  I’ve used the free-standing candy floss machine, in several different nest rooms, including my kitchen, a circus nest room and also, quite recently, in my Christmas Candy Cafe room.

The ice cream table, which also has with matching chairs and ice cream stools, is a very versatile nest item, which can be positioned all around a nest room and holds up to four items.

I really like how the two Chocolate Machines, in the back left hand corner, look standing next to each other and I put my spare set of Cupcake Figurines, in this room too.  (The other set is still in my kitchen!)

I finished this room off with the Bunty accessories and added the Chocolate Bin Pet House (for meg!) and finally, the red and white striped candy clock.

Before we move on to my own Rock n Roll Diner, I’ve included a picture of Figg’s Rock Diner so, hopefully, you will be able to make some comparisons:


All Bin Tycoons can claim their own exclusive Rock n Roll sign!  Click on the food posters in order and you will be awarded the Rock n Roll sign, FREE!

Take a look at the other weevils, who turned up while I was waiting for Figg to serve the snacks!  You will see some of them in another picture on this post too!

The next picture is of my own Rock n Roll Diner:


I think meg has gone a bit daft!  She thinks the Bin Pet hood ornament is a real bin pet and keeps waving to it!

In my version of Figg’s Rock Diner, I have used the same diner floor and wallpaper, plus the red ceiling from the Bin Pet Cookie room setI’ve used spotlights to mimic the lines on the ceiling, at Figg’s Rock Diner and bought the spotlights in all different colours, just to make things a bit more interesting!

I made the counter at the front of the room, with kitchen cupboards and glass worktops and the red and blue lollipop stools are from the Sweet Nest Items collection.  I added the Bin Weevils jukebox, which I got from the Celebrity Bin Weevils party, the drum kit and a selection of cool guitars.  The pink guitar is a new item and I also bought both halves of the gold car and all of the new Rock n Roll bin pet items.  

On the shelves at the side of the room you can see my new Rock n Roll party bowling trophies, alongside my bowling trophies from the Celebrity Bin Weevils party and the last Rock n Roll party too.  The bin pet in the glass dome and the Rock n Roll sign are free nest items, only available from the Rock n Roll party.

Like most of my nest rooms, this room features a bin pet hut and I’ve included a box of bin pet treats, in case meg gets tired, after jamming on her new bin pet guitar and mini bin pet drum kit!

Finally, I added a bright, glittering disco ball (I like this one more than I like the gold one!) and if you look on the back wall, you will see a rather unusual photograph, which leads us nicely to the next part of this post!  (New Rock n Roll item details can be seen at the end of this post.)

NOTE:  The photo studio glitch will no longer work as the My Stuff Chest no longer appears in the central nest room.


Next stop: Monte Carlo!

As you can see from the picture above and the racing car picture in my Rock n Roll nest room, sometimes some strange things can turn up in a Bin Weevils photo studio!  This is down to a slightly odd and also somewhat unreliable glitch.  In a previous Weevily World post, I reported that my Totem of the Aztecs SWS mission trophy, had turned up in my “My Stuff Chest”, when I was redecorating my plaza nightclubs.  I was able to place the totem trophy in one of the clubs and took a picture.

A few weeks later, I visited my plaza photo studio and discovered the Bin Garden wallpaper, in the My Stuff Chest:


You never know what might turn up next in your Bin Weevils photo studio!

Obviously, this is some kind of glitch and although it won’t work every time, it’s very easy to attempt.  All you need to do is open your My Stuff Chest, while you are in your central nest room, then close it again, before the contents have fully loaded.  Now go down to your plaza, enter your photo studio and open your My Stuff Chest back up again.  If you’re lucky you’ll discover some random items, which aren’t supposed to be in there and you’ll be able to use them, to create your own, unique photo studio set.

Unfortunately, you can’t choose which items will appear in your My Stuff Chest and your random items will disappear when you log out.  You may also find your game will sometimes crash when you attempt this glitch.

If you’re looking for more Bin Weevils glitches, please click here to view the Weevily World glitch post!  You’ll find links to every Bin Weevils glitch, ever posted on Weevily World!

The last part of this post is a quick shout out to the Bin Weevils bloggers and other weevils, who were at Weevil Post this afternoon, for Weevils Got Talent.  There were lots of weevils there and I didn’t have time to stop and write down all of the names but these are a few of the names (or parts of names) that I can remember: 1000, boocool, jjs, margategirl and phurple.  Also present were Weevily World authors lily2853 and Mackied!


If you’re in this picture, why not leave your name and a brief description of yourself, in the comments on this post, so other weevils will recognize you again!

I would also like to say, I very much enjoy saying hello to blog viewers and when I can, I will add weevils to judisue’s buddy list.  However, there are hundreds of blog viewers and only a limited number of buddy list spaces, so I am never going to be able to add everyone who asks.  At Tyana’s party, I had received twenty-eight buddy requests, within only a few minutes!  I go through judisue’s buddy list regularly and I remove weevils who have not been on Bin Weevils for a long time, but please don’t ask me to delete someone so I can add you.  Please think how you would fee,l if you were the one who had been deleted!

Below: New Bin Pet Rock n Roll nest item details.  Also includes details for new gold car seats, new pink guitar and some other Rock n Roll theme item details:


Top row: Rock n Roll bin pet items.  Second row includes new pink guitar and new gold car seats.  Third and fourth rows: some other Rock n Roll theme items.

Have you downloaded the new Weevily World community toolbar yet?

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An original Weevily World post by judisue.

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