Old Bin Bumper Post and Short Tour

Hello Bin Weevils,

I am proboly one of Weevily World’s oldest Bin Weevils. My weevil was created on 3rd September 2009, and I still remember most of the old bin. Anyway, I know most of you joined in 2011, the best year for Bin Weevils, so you just missed the old Bin. But don’t worry, taken from my camera and magazines, here are my photos of the old bin.


The photo above was taken on the 23rd December 2009 in the Christmassy Flem Manor. I am the purple weevil at the bottom with the pink weevil (my sister). Not much has changed actually, apart from the upstairs was always locked apart from big occasions. Also, the good weevil statue used to be the entrance to the SWS, before the days of Castle Gam, but it was moved as there was a bigger premises (or so Bin Weevils said).


Pictured from my magazine ‘My Daily News’, this was the old Castle Gam. Notice there is a blue background, which is the bin that we used to live in. The grass is different, and Flem Manor looks a little dirtier. By the way, if you look really close through the doorway, you can see the gate, as the library used to be Flems living quarters.


The old room layout always puzzled me. You went in one doorway, and literally you could go from room to room, without getting out. So actually, even though it looked like there was only 3 rooms, there was maybe 9 in a house. All came with it though, those were the days you didn’t have to pay.


By the way, these are all my pictures. Anyway, the old nest looked quite neat (and Bin like). Remember, these were the days before we had Bin Gardens, I remember them being announced and being so excited not about the Garden, but how we would get to the Garden lol :) I thought we would go through a Bi-fold door or something. Unfortunatly, it turned out to be a tube.

The nest news used to be on paper, and you used to be able to see a Score Board on who was the best at Konnect Mulch. Good times!


This was the old shopping ball! It has certainly changed an awful lot, but for good! Tums diner in the Shopping Mall was useful though, as I could go shopping, then get a bite to eat afterwards. Even though it didn’t stay long, about 3 months before moving into Tums Diner.

Now, before Bin Weevils had the whole online PayPal membership, you used to be able to do it online, and then you would be passed on a Bin Tycoon card for you to keep! Now, Bin Weevils has phased them out over the past few years, but I thought it would be interesting for you to have a look at my old card!


There was a cute signature on the back, but I have editied it out so I don't reveal my real name and surname.

There was a cute signature on the back, but I have editied it out so I don’t reveal my real name and surname.


And to end, here is a Bin Weevils advert from 2009, and look at the amazing past 4 years when Bin Weevils has changed and grown.


That is it for now! Thank you for reading my Bin Weevils bumper post and tour of the old bin! Any questions, just ask below!

Keep On Weeviling

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24 thoughts on “Old Bin Bumper Post and Short Tour

  1. Eddzy says:

    Reblogged this on Bin Weevils Encyclopedia and commented:

    Weevily Wow! Phurple has been on Bin Weevils for a very long time, check out these images of his time in the old Bin!

  2. Chip8967 says:

    I don’t like the old Bin, they had awful graphics! The bin now is still a bin but it’s still dirty, and neat. Bin Weevils wants the Bin to not be like a normal Bin to have a nice feel to it. Great post ;D

  3. judisue says:

    I love this post so much! I’m a bit of a historian at heart so posts like this will always interest me :) If you have any other “historical” memories, that you’d like to share phurple, please go right on ahead :D
    Sharing this post to Google+ and Stumbleupon :)

  4. tum103 says:

    Great post, I enjoyed viewing the pictures of the Old Bin.

  5. Phurple, where did you get that card with phurple on it.
    Is there a website

  6. Gamer6482 says:

    binweevils was kinder then, since you could spend mulch on nest items and not the rooms themselves, the prices of the gardens are ridiculous now! and nearly all the features were for everyone, there were no levels and you could buy anything you want

  7. Mackied says:

    Grr!!! I just missed the card when I became a tycoon.Actually, I wasn’t a tycoon in the old bin.
    Got mine on Christmas 2010, I think. About 6 months after the relaunch.

  8. callum390 says:

    Good Old Times; I remember the old nests they were good and I also remember the old Bin Tycoon cards, I think I threw my one out when the new tycoons came out.

  9. I probably got one of those cards somewhere along the line.
    I probably just threw it out .

  10. Travis2 says:

    I joined the same time as you what a coincidence same day same month same year I miss the old bin a lot

  11. Travis2 says:

    I really miss the arcade in kips scrapyard but its now removed

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