New Code Added: Tink And Clott Bed!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Bin Weevils now send emails to you, sometimes with codes attached to them. I was recently sent one saying that my other Bin Weevils hasn’t been used in a large amount of time. Here is a code for a Tink and Clott bed, shown with codex in the picture below. To gain your own bed for your nest, visit the Mystery Code Machine and enter this code:


Here is a close-up of the Tink & Clott bed and Codex!

Here is a close-up of the Tink & Clott bed and Codex!

View other mystery code items on our Bin Weevils Mystery Codes Pinterest Board.

Codex will be back with more cool codes, whenever he finds them and please make sure you check out the codes by codex page, which features all Bin Weevils Mystery codes for nest items, Mulch and XP, for any codes you may have missed before.

Note: If you solve a mystery code and submit the solution to us, via the comments section, before we start to post, we promise YOU will get the credit – twice!  Once on the post and again on our popular codes by codex page, where it will remain for everyone to see, for ever and ever!

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posted by davee.

21 thoughts on “New Code Added: Tink And Clott Bed!

  1. judisue says:

    Thank you for posting this davee!
    I was going to write a post about it and you have saved me the work :)

    I think it is very interesting that BW are sending out emails to weevils that have not logged in for a while because over the last couple of months there seem to be less and less people playing BW. Where once there would have been eight or nine servers on, there are now only four and the bins are half-deserted :(
    I think BW went too far when they made the Bin Weevil changer available to members only and I hope they will do something that will get people playing again.

    Weevily World would love to hear what other blog viewers think about this subject.
    Has Bin Weevils changed too much?
    What should BW do to get people playing again?
    What games are you playing if you are not playing Bin Weevils?

    Let us know your thoughts in the comments on this post!

    • yoshi6601 says:

      Well I certainly know, that last year, when there was basically nothing (that was too bad) that you had to be a Tycoon for. Literally every class in my school played it. This year there is two people play it, that’s me and another kid. The rest of them all say it’s rubbish cos you have to be a Tycoon for everything! Also the ABC amount of people who buy the BW Mag has dropped by 4,000 people! Thats a LOT!

    • yoshi6601 says:

      The servers are definitely NOT half-deserted! When I play BW on any of the four servers my computer gets laggy, then even more laggy, then even more laggy!
      Plus their are weevils everywhere. But it might depend on the times you and me log in to BW. You might log in when there’s not many weevils on, and I dont. I dont know really!

      • judisue says:

        Lolz :D I log in at all sorts of times and compared to this time last year there aren’t nearly so many weevils around as there used to be.

    • davee says:

      You’re welcome judisue, I’m always here to help and especially if someone needs it :)

    • davee says:

      I do agree that Bin Weevils might have gone too far with making the Bin Weevils Changer bin tycoons only, you also have to be a tycoon to access the SWS HQ room!

  2. Caramel-xD says:

    I agree

  3. yoshi6601 says:

    Another reason that I’ve just thought of is that maybe people are leaving because BW don’t reply to their emails that people send them. I have emailed them loads and they just ignore it! And I’m sure this happens to lots of other people to!

  4. sponggoo5000 says:

    I think I’m the only person in my entire school that goes on BW regularly (and there’s a LOT of people in my school) I really like BW, and don’t really get why most people choose other (terrible in my opinion) games that I’ve tried myself like Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin. I have accounts on both but I prefer BW better! Also, I’m not sure if you noticed judisue, but this blog has reached 900,000 hits! I can’t wait until you get 1 million! That’s gonna be one MASSIVE party! (I’m coming!)

  5. I really do think BW have gone far. I mean they’ve already changed their mind about tycoons can have binpets or not and its now just for tycoons! Before it was for tycoons but it ONLY cost 1500 mulch wich is nothing! Plus you cant even access the SWS room , cannot change your colour unless your not a tycoon, you now cant buy Hats from Hems hat! THEY WANT MORE MONEY!

  6. yoshi6601 says:

    Can I join Weevily World?

  7. Clott says:

    how does someone join weevily world?

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