Win 50 Dosh For Your Bin Weevils Edited Picture On Weevily World!

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Hello Bin Weevils!

Here at Weevily World we know what Bin Weevils want and what Bin Weevils want is DOSH!  Our recorded search terms, reveal that hundreds of you arrive at Weevily World, because you are searching for DOSH codes and ways to win DOSH.

With this in mind, we are launching Weevily World’s biggest and best competition yet and we’re giving you the chance to win a whopping 50 DOSH!


Keep reading to find out how you can get your weevily hands on our totally awesome 50 DOSH prize!

Entering our competition is easy!  All you have to do is make a picture on your computer, that uses Bin Weevils images.  You could put individual weevils on to a different background or edit in different objects, on a Bin Weevils background, or just play around with Bin Weevils images and make a Bin Weevil-y mash-up.  You could even dress-up a Bin Weevil in ridiculous clothes!  It really is entirely up to you!  All we ask, is that you make your picture no less than 7 x 7 cm in size (to save our eyes when we are judging!) and your picture must be in JPG or PNG file format.

If you would like to enter, please read the rules & information below, very carefully.

First prize will be a top-up for 50 DOSH.  There will be two runners-up prizes of 10 DOSH each.

All competition entries must be received by midnight on the 15th of March 2013.

Entries must be no smaller than 7 x 7 cm and must be in JPG, JPEG or PNG file formats only.

Please give your picture a title and don’t forget to include your name on your entry too.

Entries must be emailed to and must be marked  “edited picture competition” in the email subject field.

A person may only enter once and there may be only one entry per IP address.  Anyone found to have entered more than once will be automatically disqualified.  If your IP address is shared with someone else, who also wishes to enter this competition, a seperate IP address will be required.

Other checks may be made to ensure no multiple entries are made.  Anyone making multiple entries will be disqualified.

There will be a one month judging period and the winners will be announced in the week beginning 14th of April 2013.

Entries will be viewed by all Weevily World authors, but the final judging will be done by judisue, Tyana and Emeeceey.

Weevily World authors are NOT permitted to enter this competition.

The judges decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into about this competition.

The 50 DOSH first prize will be awarded via a DOSH top-up.  If you win, you will need to email judisue with your Bin Weevils name and password.  Please do not email us your password unless you win and please do not enter this competition unless you are happy to email judisue your Bin Weevils name and password, if you win.

The two 10 DOSH runners-up prizes will be awarded via email and by unredeemed Bin Weevils Magazine codes.


We will only ask for your details if you win our 50 DOSH first prize.

You have six weeks to get your entries in and once the entry period closes on March 15th, all entries will be displayed, right here on Weevily World, on a very special page, all of their own!

If you are looking for a bit of inspiration, for your Bin Weevils edited pictures, why not take a look at Tyana’s edited pictures page Tyana2005’s Edits Gallery or pay a visit to Universal Edits which features Bin Weevils edited pictures, from no less than four Weevily World authors!

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80 thoughts on “Win 50 Dosh For Your Bin Weevils Edited Picture On Weevily World!

  1. WeevilMI2012 says:

    I wish i could enter

    • Ahmed says:

      I was wondering, I know i am writing in the wrong place, but will there be a dosh to mulch exchange because when I contact BW they say, “Wait and see”.

    • judisue says:

      I know but it wouldn’t be right.
      Please check out my comments on this to Keiran and Doc, so I don’t have to type the same thing out again. ;)

      • thechampiom5ooo says:

        Well ty I didn’t even get any just to tell ya I might get one soon I have submitted my nest to the nest-inspector

      • Tyana2005 says:

        WHY? JUST WHY??? I Got ANOTHER bronze trophy!!!!! I have like 5 now. I don’t get it. Why can’t I get silver?? I work so hard and I don’t even get a silver. It is SOOO unfaiR!!!!!

      • Tyana2005 says:

        I’m sooo sad. Some weevs already have gold and I’m one of those weevils that are still getting bronzes

      • judisue says:

        I’m hoping you will see this comment Ty but I know it’s late where you are now.
        I want to know if you will definitely do the Weevil Weekly review this week? If not, I’d like to ask Carly Marie or Lily if they will do it instead.
        Don’t worry – it will always be YOUR job when you can do it but when you can’t, I’d really like to give other authors a go at it, as I think it will be good experience for them and the others don’t really have very much they can do.

      • Tyana2005 says:

        I might pass this week… Idk blogging is getting a little boring, but I’m not going to dump WW, of course. I just won’t post AS much not saying I’ll leave you behind. :) Sometimes I feel like posting, sometimes I don’t. I guess I won’t do the review this week though. I get bored of posting everything related to Bin Weevils. I like posting things that AREN’T related to BW too… everytime I come look at this blog each morning if there are just whats new posts, half the time I don’t even bother reading them because it is BORING! I really think we need more fun posts NOT BW related. Of course, authors will have to ask you first. And I’m sorry if this comment offend u or this blog in any way but it really is my opinion an I would NEVER try to upset u and I REALLY luv WW but I think it needs some more posts and I think u would totally agree :)

      • judisue says:

        That’s ok. I’m not offended and it’s your editing help and support that I really appreciate. Especially how you deal with the comments for me and how you tell the authors when the get something wrong! ;)
        I’m not too sure about non BW posts. Some are ok but it IS a Bin Weevils blog after all. :)
        I think maybe it’s time I made a survey to find out what the blog viewers want. I’m also kicking around a new idea, for a non BW blog on which anybody can submit content as a contributor but the idea still needs a lot of work.
        You post when you want to. That’s fine by me. Just PROMISE me, you won’t leave me to deal with all the comments, all by myself!

      • Tyana2005 says:

        Hahaha of course I won’t. I’m waiting in your room!

      • Tyana2005 says:

        Gtg now anyway.. gonna rate your nest then good bye. Sorry jude

      • Tyana2005 says:

        Done.. Good bye :)

      • judisue says:

        I don’t get either Ty. In my opinion your rooms should have got you a gold by now – let alone a silver. They are certainly better than some I have seen, that have got Glamm’s award from the mag.
        I think, if you get another bronze next time, then you should email BW and tell them you think you deserve silver!
        You know how much I want the gold but I’m at a total loss as to what I can do better.

      • Tyana2005 says:

        I’m not gonna ask my mum to email them over an in game trophy.. that would be embarassing :P

      • Tyana2005 says:

        Urghh.. gotta wait another month, one week is long enough if you ask me. Lolz

      • Tyana2005 says:

        Oh, and I submit different rooms each time…

      • judisue says:

        Lolz Ty! :D Email them yourself! Give ’em what for! ;)

      • Tyana2005 says:

        I really don’t understand, everyone that goes to my nest thinks I should have a gold but at the least, a silver. And I still can’t believe one time I got hmm… let’s just say, NOTHING!

      • judisue says:

        Can you do today’s review Ty?
        (you may have answered this already but I can’t see a reply?

      • Tyana2005 says:

        I have answered refresh

  2. thedoctor999 says:

    No entries for Weevily World authors :(
    Also please may I be a judge as well.
    Are you going to forward all the entries to the judges??

    • judisue says:

      People would complain if a Weevily World author won.
      Once I have the entries I will put them on a page of their own and everyone can look at them. After that, I’ll want all of the authors to take a look and let me know which ones, each of you think is best. The final judging will be done by me, Em and Ty, as stated in the post.
      I am happy for authors to post some edited pictures, over the next few weeks, to give some inspiration to our entrants.

  3. phurple says:

    Weevily Wow! I am soo entering this :)

  4. scampy56 says:

    cool i am working on it now!!

  5. don003 says:

    Ok I am now working on it

  6. ggrrrrrr says:

    Awsomeness i started mine its gonna be unbelivable

  7. kieran6955 says:

    I would enter but it says no Weevily World authors can enter. :(

    • judisue says:

      No, sorry Keiran, no Weevily World authors are allowed to enter as we would just be accused of favouritism if a Weevily World author were to win.
      If you have a cool edited picture, that you would really like people to see, I am quite happy for you to post it though, because it would be helpful for some viewers to see what an edited picture entails.
      Other authors are also welcome to post their edited BW pictures.

  8. phurple says:

    jusidue or someone (I don’t mean to be rude) I would just like to ask what program you use to make edits because all the programmes that I have downloaded don’t work! But anyway your competition is amazing😃

  9. callum says:

    im sorry but i cant enter because if i do win then i will have to give my name and pass and im NOT alowed to give my pass sos maybe another day. :-(

    • Tyana2005 says:

      Hi Callum, you can change your pass straight after Judisue has given you your dosh or if you come first we can give you 10 dosh and I have a code for a wallpaper from the BW magazine (GLAMM one) if you come first then we can just give you second plus the wallpaper?

  10. phurple says:

    I feel bad saying this but, I have tried to send the e-mail to and it would not work. The email came back to me saying there was a technical failure and Google tried to send but Hotmail has rejected the e-mail and will not allow emails to a address again. Also, it says Mailbox unavailable. What do I do now?

  11. judisue im in your nest in your plaza right now my name is called hereisacode63

  12. stefbear2 says:

    I haven’t been keeping up with Weevil Weekly (Bad I know) But…I got a message from a buddy saying congrats on how my story was in it! I ran weevily fast and looked at all the latest issues..I found mine about 5 weeks back!

  13. thechampiom5ooo says:

    Judisue I don’t really won’t to give away my pass and I won’t be able to change it unless I cancel my tycoon membership so unfair do you have any idea’s?

  14. lily2853 says:

    Hi sorry this isn’t relevant to the post, but I’ve discovered a new glitch, well, I found it in a weevil’s mag. Can I post it?

  15. jjs63 and boocool410 says:

    Lily i know 3 ways how to get out of bounds and to get out of the map at Gongs Pipe Nest.

  16. seanlego7 says:

    Judisue just to let you know (name removed) is still hacking. Binsy’s site BWGANG Cheats was hacked today. :(

    ps. You don’t have to approve this comment. As its irrelevant :D

  17. lily2853 says:


  18. lily2853 says:

    Judisue can I choose the look for the next parade?

  19. lily2853 says:

    Yay thanks
    I will post the look, I’ll make it bright!

  20. budderballbw says:

    Kwl not sure I can make one tho! Lol

  21. phurple says:

    Why isn’t this sticky any more?

    • judisue says:

      Because it’s been there for so long. People will get sick of the sight of it and stop visiting! Don’t worry! It’s all still going on! I’ll be adding links for it to the tops of other pages as well, to continue advertising. :D

  22. phurple says:

    Reblogged this on Universal Edits and commented:

    Hello Weevils!

    Just to remind you, the 50 DOSH competition is still on! Make sure you send in your pictures before Friday though otherwise it won’t be counted.

    phurple :)

  23. phurple says:

    I feel really bad saying this but, this competition ended a month ago and still nothing has been said? Has anything gone wrong? Please don’t trash this comment Jude :)

Comments are closed.

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