Boing! Boing!! Boing!!! Go Bouncing Right Out-Of-Bounds With This Brilliant Bin Weevils Glitch!

Hello Bin Weevils!

One of the most popular categories on Weevily World is our Bin Weevils Glitches category and in this category today, we have a brand new glitch post for you to enjoy and a brand new glitch for you to learn and use, to impress all the other Bin Weevils with!

Our latest Bin Weevils glitch was discovered on the brilliant Bin Weevils blog – Weevily X.  We’ve tested it out for you and we think you’re really going to like it!  So, what’s this glitch all about then?  Ok.  Here goes!

The Bounce out-of-Bounds Glitch.

From previous Weevily World glitch posts, lots of you will know how to get out-of-bounds at Flum’s Fountain or out-of-bounds in your bin garden.  Today we’re going to teach you how to bounce out-of-bounds, at Rigg’s Movie Multiplex, Dirt Valley, Club Fling and some other cool Bin Weevils locations too.  Take a look at our first picture:


That’s judisue, right at the back of the picture, saying “woo hoo”!  How on earth did she end up there?

Note: For this glitch you need your multi-bounce at power 5.

To bounce out-of-bounds at Club Fling, first of all you will need to go to Flum’s Fountain.  Now you need to fully charge your multi-bounce action button.  It’s the third icon on the top row and to fully charge it, you will need to hold the button down until it is outlined in purple.  Once your button is fully charged, click four times, anywhere at Flum’s.  Next click on the path that leads to Club Fling.  When you arrive at Club Fling, click anywhere and you will begin bouncing out-of-bounds!  It really is that simple!

Now, we’re going to bounce out-of-bounds at Rigg’s Movie Multiplex.


There’s judisue again! Behind the balloons on the Bin Weevils Magazine stand.

To bounce out-of-bounds here, you will also need to start at Flum’s Fountain.  Fully charge your multi-bounce, click anywhere four times, then click on the path that leads to Rigg’s.  When you get there, click anywhere and up you’ll bounce!

Next stop, Dirt Valley!


Woo hoo! Tiny bouncing judisue at Dirt Valley!

To bounce out-of-bounds at Dirt Valley, you need to once again start at Flum’s.  Charge your multi-bounce, click four times, click the path to Dirt Valley and when you get there, click again!  Got it?  Good!  We told you it was easy!

You can use this out-of-bounds glitch in any place that has an entrance/exit to another bin area.  Bin area entrances/exits include paths, arrows on the ground, bridges, tubes and wooden signs.  So long as your fifth click is on one of these, the glitch will work.

Try experimenting with where you place your first four clicks.  Sometimes, where you place your first clicks will make quite a difference to the end result!

Some of the better out-of-bounds bounces we tried were:

Going to Dosh’s Palace to bounce out-of-bounds at Tink’s Tree – use your fifth click on the wooden bridge on the right-hand side, that leads to Tink’s Tree.

Going to Rum’s Cove to bounce out-of-bounds at Castle Gam – use your fifth click on the exit/entrance arrow on the ground on the left-hand side.

Going to the Shopping Mall to bounce out-of-bounds at Gong’s Pipenest – use your fifth click on the wooden bridge, on the right-hand side.

You can also bounce out-of-bounds at Flum’s Fountain – begin at any of the bin areas which lead to Flum’s and use your fifth click on the entrance/exit to Flum’s from that area.  This will also work if you begin in your bin garden – use your fifth click on the white arrow on your path, that leads to Flum’s.

Always remember to use your last click once you have arrived at your final destination.

You can also use the bounce out-of-bounds glitch to bounce BIG in your central nest room!  Find out how in this video by judisue:

If you have enjoyed this Bin Weevils glitch post, you may enjoy other posts in our Bin Weevils Glitches category.  To view other posts in this category, click where it says Bin Weevils Glitches, at the side of this post or click on Bin Weevils Glitches in the categories list, in our footer, at the bottom of this page. 

Alternatively, for the complete list of links for all of the Bin Weevils glitches, including this one, that have been posted on Weevily World, please click here.

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16 thoughts on “Boing! Boing!! Boing!!! Go Bouncing Right Out-Of-Bounds With This Brilliant Bin Weevils Glitch!

  1. phurple says:

    Thanks! That’s a really cool glitch lol

  2. Going to reblog this on jjs63

  3. red2001 says:

    i copied this to my website!! ot got thousands of views thankksssss!!;)

  4. it won’t work please can you explain why it won’t

  5. ok i will do that on my other account it is five

  6. ayaka says:

    I have another glitch – minor but funny. Just go to the center of your nest, click “spin” and charge (preferably to green) and then click the “garden” tube. You will go spinning up!

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