We Have The New Bin Weevils Smelly Sock Chandelier Nest Item Code From TOXIC Magazine! We Still Need The Slime Wallpaper Code!

Hello Bin Weevils!

We have updated this post because we have great news! Thanks to sosaphink we have the code for the Smelly Sock Chandelier nest item from TOXIC Magazine!

This is how this post originally began:

Have you seen this page from Issue #139 of Weevil Weekly?

Do YOU know these codes?

It looks like there are some new nest item codes, that poor codex doesn’t have and that means his Codes by Codex page, is incomplete!  You have no idea how sad this makes him!

Can you help to cheer codex up?

Well, thanks to Weevily World commenter  sosaphink, our code crazy codex is much happier, because we now have the code for the Smelly Sock Chandelier nest item!

So if you’d like this awesome nest item, you know what to do?  Weevil along to the Mystery Code Machine, that’s outside Lab’s Laboratory and enter this code:


codex says: Thank you sosaphink! I’m feeling happier now!

If you can send us the other TOXIC Magazine codes, that will make codex totally happy again!  In return you will receive credit on Weevily World – TWICE!  Once when we post the code and again on our popular Codes by Codex page, which is viewed thousands of  times every day!

Not only will we give you the credit for your code but, if you can send us pictures of all your nest rooms, we’ll  post them all for you on Weevily World, so every weevil who visits Weevily World will know your name and see your all your nest rooms too!

Weevily World received 4,243 views on Sunday!

If you have the code, please leave it in the comments section.  Don’t worry about anyone stealing it from you because all Weevily World comments are approved before they are posted!

Please like, share and re-blog this post.

All rights reserved by Bin Weevils Ltd, TOXIC Magazine and Weevily World.

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59 thoughts on “We Have The New Bin Weevils Smelly Sock Chandelier Nest Item Code From TOXIC Magazine! We Still Need The Slime Wallpaper Code!

  1. tyana2005 says:

    Hi Judisue, I’m not 100% sure, but, I’m pretty sure the code is 1 time use only, but like I said, I’m NOT 100% sure..

  2. tyana2005 says:

    No, sadly.. I don’t think they sell them in Australia :(

  3. tyana2005 says:

    I was just thinking that they were 1 use because of the words Scribbles used. But yeah, we won’t know for sure until someone sends a code in :)

  4. tyana2005 says:

    Also, I’ve got my mulch back :) Well, I’ve got like 300 mulch right now but I spent it all on plants that I need to harvest in like 1 hour :P

  5. tyana2005 says:

    Bin Weevils is 1 of my fav games, I reckon it’s a shame they don’t sell the mags here I’m Australia, or Perth anyway.. But at least I can still play bin weevils lol

    • judisue says:

      Hi Tyana,
      Just before I go to lunch I wanted to let you know I did a re-blog for you, so let me know if it brings you extra views.
      10 – 20 views a day is very good when you are just starting out though – it’s a lot more views than I got when I started!
      I will do some more advertising and promotion for you at some point.

  6. tyana2005 says:

    Also, I found a mistake in your ‘Bin Weevils Glitches’ category.. you have meet mudd and glamm post on there

    • judisue says:

      Ooops! Do I? I better remember to take a look at that then! Not now though – now is lunch time!
      Thanks for pointing that out though – I must have mis-categorized it!

  7. tyana2005 says:

    I’ve got some good news!!!!!! I just checked my site stats, guess what? I have 221 views together 62 views on my busiest day and 30 views today! lol :D

  8. tyana2005 says:

    Finally! My gravatar is showing! YAY!!! (It’s me on bw)

  9. hf123 says:

    Reblogged this on Binweevils Cheats Gang and commented:
    Can you help Judisue and codex? If you find the code we’ll give you credit too!!

  10. hf123 says:

    Hi, Just re-blogged this on bwgangcheats.wordpress.com! Hope someone finds the code! I might pop over to my local shop later and see if they have it!

  11. tyana2005 says:

    how can I change the link on my name, Tyana2005? Coz it leads to the worst possible website :p

    • judisue says:

      I’m not actually sure – it will be there somewhere in the Gravatar settings though.
      If you haven’t worked it out already, I will take a look for you when I have some spare time.

  12. YoGeez says:


  13. rubbish02 says:

    Sorry, but I can’t help :-( my dad or mum won’t get me it. only Bin Weevils Magazines they get me! Oh by the way I am buddies with a new famous weevil, Im buddies with Stunt!

  14. hf123 says:

    Just went to my local shop and they didn’t have it, I’ll try to get my Mum to drive me to Tesco later, as I saw it in there on Friday!!

  15. Decks1 says:

    Im on it il get the mag soon probably in a few days and il give the codes

  16. Decks1 says:

    Ive reblogged this to my cheat site so hope you find the codes fast but incase uou don’t il give you them when i get mag!

  17. tyana2005 says:

    I can’t figure out how to change it :( Can you please help me when you have time?

  18. tyana2005 says:

    lol? My statue will take longer then Wednesday to grow? Hmm… it’s already grown 95% and for me (I’m not going to school today) it’s Tuesday and it’s 9:21AM :p (not in a mean way..)

  19. tyana2005 says:

    Hi Judisue, I posted answers to a hunt on my blog, if you want you can re-blog it :)

  20. tyana2005 says:

    YES!!!!!! 99% (mystery seed)

  21. tyana2005 says:

    omg……. 1 wweek for seed to grow now we have to wait again to harvest it :((

  22. YoGeez says:


  23. hf123 says:

    The codes are icky3859 and yuck2972!

  24. rubbish02 says:

    Grrrr! Judisue guess what! those hackers made wengie2, the weevil I met a party, quit WordPress! I’m totally ashamed and hope they hear this comment so they know what terror they have made to an author! They better think twice (Well they shouldn’t think it at all!) before they hack soemones account! Heres some tips to keep a password safe:

    1. Never make your password the same as your website name.
    2. Put numpers, capital letters and a space or something in the password.
    3. Never give put any ideas about your password.
    4. If you think someone can crack your password change it admittedly.

    they should be ashamed! :-o

  25. sosaphink says:

    Wallpaper toxic is icky3859

  26. sosaphink says:

    I would like to say a big Thank you for putting my name up Thank you Weevilyworld

  27. DRAMAQUEEN180 says:

    Reblogged this on dramaqueen180 binweevils help guide and commented:
    Well done to sosaphink for finding this code and for weevily world for publishing it-thanks!

  28. DRAMAQUEEN180 says:

    Great scoop-well done x

  29. Okay, This has no relation to this topic whatsoever, but, don’t you just hate it when the Bin Weevils blog doesn’t get updated for at least one day? :x

  30. icky3859 is the code for the wallpaper!

  31. benny9660 says:

    HI, the code for the slime wallpaper is ICKY3859!

  32. dsevan1 says:

    icky3859. That is the code

  33. hf123 says:

    Posted both codes on: bwgangcheats.wordpress.com!

  34. tyana2005 says:

    Hi Judisue can we chat?

  35. tyana2005 says:

    Aww okay

  36. tracy6 says:

    I dont know what the code is
    i want to knwo

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