New Bin Weevils Books Codes Added! Weevily World Scoop!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Weevily Woot! We’re so excited here at Weevily World because our brand new Bin Weevils books, turned up in today’s post – four days earlier than we expected them!

We promised we’d give you the codes from these books, so if you would like these brand new code items, as shown with codex in the picture below, simply weevil along to the Mystery Code Machine, outside Lab’s Laboratory and enter these codes:


– for a filing cabinet nest item (The Mysterious Silence of Scribbles)


– for an exploding Birthday Cake nest item (The great Cake Disaster)

Both items are animated: The Filing Cabinet drawers open and there are also stickers on its side.  The Birthday Cake flies apart and then reassembles itself!

We think Weevily World is the first Bin Weevils blog to post these codes and we will be bringing you the code from the third book, very soon!

You will find more great Bin Weevils codes on our Codes by Codex page!

If you would like to buy the new Bin Weevils books for yourself, click on the picture below to visit the Bin Weevils Shop!

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46 thoughts on “New Bin Weevils Books Codes Added! Weevily World Scoop!

  1. Reblogged this on Weevily Cheats and commented:
    Thanks to Weevily World these are the codes from the Great cake disaster and the Mysterious Silence of Scribbles

  2. judisue says:

    Reblogged this on Weevily World and commented:

    I f you like this post, please “like” this page and share it and if you are another wordpress blogger please re-blog this post!

  3. hog9999 says:

    IT IS COOL!!!!
    i have the great cake disaster so i know that code so it is good to know the other one!!!

  4. hog9999 says:

    it is cool i love binweevils!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. kwa111 says:

    i love bin weevils to!!!

  6. hog9999 says:

    so do i hahahaahha joke!!

  7. buggy2905 says:

    binweevils is packed with new stuff all the time is super duper cool it number 1#!. (ps im a tycoon.)

  8. Aero_Mayhem says:

    Mind if we reblog this on our Binweevils codes page?

  9. jessi says:

    thx for that code

  10. alex says:

    boring in my house

  11. hopperbunni says:


  12. saisha says:

    wow this is ok and i really like this web page wicked!!!!

  13. nicolara987 says:

    waw thanks for the codes!!!!!!

  14. big weevil says:


  15. katie says:

    i love binweevils……hell yh!

  16. aliceboggie says:

    i love binwevils wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo i am on level14

  17. Jacob says:

    Wooo thnx codex, I needed some codes to put in my mag!

  18. princess6000 says:

    when will we be able to convert dosh in to mulch

  19. sponggoo5000 says:

    I’ve got the ‘Mysterious Silence of Scribbles’, it’s AWESOME!!! If anyone wants the code, just e-mail me on

  20. con says:

    that was good but not that good

  21. Pepper says:

    awesome but number 2 doesnt work ^^’

    • judisue says:

      Yes it does. I just tested it. You must have typed it in wrong.

    • Asad-DonutDude says:

      Here is a tip if you get the code wrong:
      1. Highlight the code you want to use.
      2. Press ‘copy’
      3. Press the typing box in the Mystery Machine and right click
      4. Press ‘Paste’.

  22. thomas says:

    i love binweevils. :):):):)

  23. An attention-grabbing discussion is value comment. I think that you must write more on this matter, it might not be a taboo topic however generally individuals are not sufficient to speak on such topics. To the next. Cheers

  24. Aaron4380 says:


  25. Asad-DonutDude says:

    I like the The great Cake Disaster! It has donuts and cake with it which I rlly like! Thanks judisue.

  26. ghulam says:


  27. fastship404 says:

    i just love going on binweevil and get codes instead of using mulch. kiss kiss kiss kiss xxx lol.

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