More old Bin Weevils Games for you to play!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Now that the hunt for the Golden Bin Weevil is officially over,  Weevily World continues on it’s mission, to bring you only the very best original Bin Weevils content and great Bin Weevils content from all around the web too!

Here at Weevily World, it is bloggitt’s job to roam the web in search of great Bin Weevils content and today, he has done very well indeed, as he has found some more bin-tastic old Bin Weevils games for you to play!  If you enjoyed playing the great Bin Weevils Games in our post Can’t log in to Bin Weevils? Play these great Bin Weevils games instead, then we know that you’re going to love the games we have for you today as well!

Our games today, come to you courtesy of Bin Weevils Fan Site “The Bin Weevils World“.  What we think is really cool about this site is that it is made by Magazine Maker, who still regularly plays Bin Weevils!  In fact, our very own lazy-jay saw Magazine Maker outside the Bin Weevils Celebrity Party, surrounded by fans, only a few days ago!  So keep your eyes open when you are playing Bin Weevils and maybe you could be lucky enough to spot this well known weevil too!

As before we have chosen our favourite three games for you to play as well as including a link to The Bin Weevils World Home Page at the bottom of this post.

Click on the pictures to play the games.

Our first game is Sum’s Number Game.  This is brilliant!  It’s basically the same as Yahtzee but so weevily much better!

Our second game is Kip’s Clearance Game.  You control Tink and Clott who must protect Kip, as he sleepwalks through a landscape strewn with obstacles!

Please note: The original link for this game no longer works. Clicking on the picture will take you to a Bin Cheats blog page that includes this game.

Our third and final game is Mulch Blaster.  A weevily playable shoot-em-up game, that we know you’ll want to play again and again!

The original link for this game no longer works. Clicking on this picture will take you to a Bin Games blog page, where you will find Mulch Blaster, Mulch Football AND Mulch Shoot too!

We hope you will love these old Bin Weevils games as much as we do and Weevily World would like to give a big THANK YOU to Magazine Maker for his site, The Bin Weevils World and especially, for making these games accessible to everyone!

If you enjoyed these games and would like to play more great, old Bin Weevils games, click here to view our post Can’t log in to Bin Weevils?  Play these great Bin Weevils Games instead, where you can play: Whack A Weevil, Flem’s Dart’s Game and Gam’s Cannon Game.

And don’t forget to click here and pay a visit to The Bin Weevils World, where there are more great games for you to play!

NOTE: You can find the all the Bin Weevils Crossword answers and all the Bin Weevils Wordsearch answers on our new CROSSWORDS/WORSEARCHES page!

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40 thoughts on “More old Bin Weevils Games for you to play!

  1. shania says:

    can i play this binweevils instead of read plz hurry upppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO PLAY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • judisue says:

      You can play Bin Weevils any time you like but I don’t know why you’re asking me? Hurry up and do what exactly?

      • chickenboy5 says:

        itz so annoyin that the old bw is gone i did see the old binweevil shops and the old bin pet shop owner but thats now all gone

      • I really wanna play the old-bin-weevils but everttime i do it i hav tw reresh ler perarer

      • justin says:

        let us have somethin called bin weevil one so w can play old bin

      • judisue says:

        There are no links to play in the old bin any more.

      • hey I’m Tee Winter and i’ m Emily Nortcliff were sisters hurry up what how old are u my sister wants too know how old are u ? shes Emily and im Tee winter im 9 shes 13 shes on face book are u ? i love binweevils but its changed i know a good game just like binweevils were in a foster care so its sad really sad i miss my mummy and daddy reply if u want to know the game ok plz let us play the old game its better isnt it ? like my name ? Tee Winter

      • judisue says:

        Unfortunately it isn’t up to me how the Bin Weevils game works because I just write this blog about the game, I don’t have anything at all to do with how it is made.
        I’m sorry about your family.

  2. Hanaa says:

    Plz can u allow us to play the old binweevils aswell

  3. Hanaa says:

    I wish u when u just make anew binweevil u could be a bin tycoon for a year and get 10000 mulch and XP every 3 months

    • judisue says:

      We don’t think that is ever likely to happen.
      Also, if you wish to continue commenting on Weevily World, please remember that is read by very young children.
      Your previous comment was unsuitable and went in the trash.

      • Tee Winter says:

        ha ha nice one yh trash im only nine and my sis is older she says binweevils is for babies its not is it ?yh very young kids me sad me in care i want to be fostered

      • judisue says:

        I know people of all sorts of ages that play BW and obviously it can’t be for babies because babies can’t type. Lol.

  4. Jack says:

    Could you put Tum’s diner back in the shopping mall?

  5. bradley1823 says:

    can kips scrap yard come back?

    • judisue says:

      This is the sort of thing you would have to ask the Bin Weevils team about.
      Weevily World is a fan site and not a part of actual Bin Weevils, so we have no influence over what happens in the game itself.

  6. bradley1823 says:

    how do u get dosh and mulch

    • judisue says:

      Best way to get Mulch is to plant and harvest your bin garden as often as possible.
      We don’t know very much about DOSH coins yet, but we do think there will be some codes for them eventually.
      Stay tuned to Weevily World for all the latest BW updates!

    • gurvin says:

      become a tycoon at sainsbury for £4.95 u can get 75 dosh

  7. perl8465 says:

    how do you get to peel park?

  8. Stephanie says:

    I see you can see what old binweevils looked like! but i’ve forgotten how to get to it!

  9. taz7901 says:

    i think you could make the old binweevils and the new binweevils and play them on completely different games

  10. james730 says:

    i love the old bin weevil i been playing it for 2 years

  11. binbag432 says:

    i want old bin back now

  12. Tee Winter says:


  13. kimbo339 says:

    see today i lernd samba druming:)

  14. judisue says:

    Reblogged this on Weevily World and commented:

    With Ram’s Retro Arcade on the way, there’s a poll on the What’s New blog, to discover weevils favourite retro Bin Games!
    I’m reblogging this post because it includes my favourite retro game: Sum’s Numbers! Mulch Blaster, Kip’s Clearance and links to other excellent old bin games are also featured. Why not take a look and let us know which games YOU like best!

  15. ? says:

    mulch blaster is awsom i miss the old shoping mall and the bath room shop

  16. […] waiting, please feel free to check out Weevily World’s Bin-tastic content! Psst – click here to play some old games which were available in the old Bin! They’ll keep you entertained […]

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