I Quit BW And I’m Closing Weevily World.

Hello Viewers!
It is with some sadness that I am quitting Bin Weevils and I am also closing Weevily World. This decision has been a long time coming, but was finalised early this evening, shortly after BW went back online.
Bin Weevils went live again earlier this evening, but before I even knew it had re-opened, two people notified me via Facebook, saying someone was using my weevil and someone else had changed its password too.
None of this came as any surprise to me whatsoever. I knew there would be, at least one pathetically sad individual, who would be sitting there, trying to login as “judisue” – as soon as BW came back online! I’m not even surprised by who it was. I knew that this was exactly what would happen, unless BW issued new passwords, to players with publicly, compromised accounts. I really, really hoped they would do that.
It seems to me, beyond ridiculous that the BW team, also knowing that this was exactly what could happen, didn’t at least issue new passwords, to players like me, who had emailed them concerning their security breach and the exposure of our accounts. They were made fully aware, of the extent of the situation and the subject of other people, going on the compromised accounts, before the legitimate users could login in to them, had already been raised.
No one knows the extent of the login details stolen and it seems unlikely to me, that our hacker has only the details, of so-called “famous” weevils. I was told that he has a list of all user accounts and I know that a complete list, of all of my weevils, was comprehensively shared.
It is reasonable to assume, that all user details would be kept in the same file and, for this reason, it is essential that, if you haven’t already, you secure your account now! If you find you are unable to do this, you should notify Bin Weevils immediately.

I hope that, once you have all changed your passwords, your login details will be secure, but I’ve simply had enough. I have had some truly, wonderful times with you, but both Bin Weevils and Weevily World have become to stressful to continue.

I intend for Weevily World to remain, as a resource only. All team members, other than myself, will be removed and comments disabled. A “sticky post” will be left to inform any future viewers of this.
An email was sent to all authors/editors, notifying them of my decision and inviting them to make final posts. I used the email addresses registered with WordPress. (Tyanna if you are reading this, I wasn’t sure it was ok to use that email.)
Updates to my BW Facebook page and BW Twitter accounts will also be discontinued.
You may comment on this post but I cannot guarantee you a reply. I do not wish to get drawn in to certain discussions and my decisions are final.
PS. I’ve restored a “retro” banner that makes me remember Weevily World at its best!
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Bin Weevils Community Blog – Name Poll!

Hi everyone, this is sheepes3364!

On Twitter, the Bin Weevils community have been thinking about opening a community blog, which is just like a blog, but there isn’t one owner, and we focus on what happens in the community – let’s think of it as the What’s New Blog, but our version! But first, we need a name! Please complete this quick poll to help us decide what the new blog should be called. On Wednesday 18th Feb (which is also Ash Wednesday this year), I will collect the vote results, and name the blog. However, you can vote at any time, any day, any month of the year!

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sheepes3364 asks: Would you like me to return?

WHello Bin Weevils!

I have been inactive on many blogs (apart from Binsignificance), and this is because I have partially took a short-term break from reporting all the news on Bin Weevils – it takes up a lot of my valuable time, but I won’t leave yet. I thought that I’d let the public decide if you’d like me to continue; if more than 70% say yes, I’ll stay, and if more than 65% say no, I’ll gradually become quieter.

If you comment here on Weevily World, I’ll add your comment to ther post.

(Oops! There’s no comments yet – leave a comment to be added.)

Thank you. The poll results will be announced on 18th December 2014, where my decision will be finalised.

Visit my Bin Weevils resource site here: www.binscapebonanza.wordpress.com

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We so sorry to see Weevily World close why not try Weevils Unite!

weevils unite header

At Weevils Unite we are very upset about Judisue leaving Binweevils and the closure of Weevily World!

Why not try…                 weevilsunite.wordpress.com

A fun and bintastic blog updating you with the latest news, codes and sneak peaks!

– weevilsunite.wordpress.com  Updating you with the latest and hottest news hot off the press!

Missing Weevily World? Visit Weevily Wonder!

We were all very sad about the closure of Weevily Wonder, and Judisue’s departure too. If you’re missing Weevily World, please don’t fear. You can simply CLICK HERE to be directed to Weevily Wonder which has everything you need to know about Bin Weevils.

Weevily Wonder reports the latest news from the Binscape every day! We also have a full list of Bin Weevils codes. Help, Binscape gossip, tips, sneak peeks are all available on Weevily Wonder too. Why not give us a visit by clicking here?

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Weevily World May Be Gone… But Never Fear, The Weevily Gang Is HERE!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Yes, this is yoshi6601, and many of you may not even know I was an author on this amazing blog, due to my pure laziness and firstly I would just personally like to apologise for very rarely posting here. I was saddened when I heard of the terrible news of judisue quitting Bin Weevils, and closing Weevily World. Many of you may not know this, but Weevily World has been open since early 2012, and I was one of the very first weevils to stumble on this amazing blog, while searching the net for the latest code for the ‘Weekend Puzzle Challenge’. From that day on, I continued to view, read, comment and share with my friends this amazing site. Mid 2012, I decided to start up my very own Bin Weevils Blog, The Weevily Gang, the very reason because of judisue. I remember asking her, what her tips were for making a successful blog were, and she told me everything and from that day on, I became an active member of the Bin Weevils Blogging Communtiy. I have always read Weevily World. Whether it be that I needed a bit of inspiration for my latest blog post, or maybe I was just bored. Weevily World was always there for me, and it will always hold a big place in my heart.

The Weevily Gang Logo

Now, many of you may be looking for another Bin Weevils Fan Site to read after the loss of Weevily World, and I say, never fear, The Weevily Gang is HERE! Now we may be no Weevily World, but posting all of the latest news in the BinScape before any other Fan Site and daily may be the kind of site you want to read. Just click here. Or click the image or any of the text to visit The Weevily Gang. :)

Also, before I end this off, I wish you good luck for the future Jude, and the Bin Weevils community will never forget you. <3

~ Yoshi6601 signing off for the last time


A Bin Weevils Bye…

Hello Bin Weevils,

This is my final farewell to Weevily World…I truly have had a good time! I will miss this wonderful blog…If I could I would take over and keep it running. On the behalf of all I would like to thank Judisue for all the memories Weevily World has made…It’s been an outstanding thime and you’re such a amazing person. Take my word for it- it’s very hard to write this post today-I don’t want this inspiration to end, Judisue made me start up blogging.

Thank you all!

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An original post for ‘Weevily World‘ by scampy56.

With The Sad Depature Of Weevily World Brings Back Binfo Bloggers!

Hello Weevily Friends!,

As many of you know Judisue has decided to end Weevily World, this is to many sad news…But over the time I’ve been away I’ve actually been planning and create my ‘new’ blog-You read the title right…Binfo Bloggers is returning! This was my most successful of all sites of mine so it’s returning! But the URL is different until release…So no sneak peaks! :)

As I do not know when I will be removed I thought I would add this A.S.A.P- Please check out my blog http://binfobloggers.wordpress.com .It’s not completely ready but I wanted to get the word out! :)

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An original post for ‘Weevily World‘ by scampy56.

Weevily World – Gone but NEVER Forgotten…

Hello Weevily World viewers,

From the lack of posting from every staff member for the past weekend and the lack of news, you probably know Weevily World is closed. Not forever though! Just incase you were wondering what would happen though is that Weevily World will be a helpful source for anyone that wishes to see the Mystery Codes from 2013-14 before they expired, or if someone wants to see the crossword help page, that will still be open for you all to enjoy.

But from me, sheepes, and the rest of the Weevily World team,we’d like to thank each and every viewer at home for making this community a friendly and supportive one, and we wouldn’t have reached 1,500,000 views without you. I guess it’s time to end what may be Weevily World’s last post for a while. Once again, a MASSIVE THANK YOU!

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Goodbye Friends!

Hello Bin Weevils (For the Final Time!)

Not many of you will know or remember me but I am MI2012, a member of Bin Weevils from 2012 and very proud to have Judisue by my side helping me develop my blog and make me known by the Bin Weevils Community by accepting me to be author on the best Bin Weevils Fan Site ever!

Although I no longer play Bin Weevils now it brought a tear to my eye to receive an email from Judisue explaining what she did. It made me remember ‘The Good Days’ when Bin Weevils had a large audience and awesome community, and I will say it again which I am so proud to have been a big part of.

I understand how stressful blogging can be, that is why I preferred YouTube so I respect Judisue’s decision but hope it doesn’t hinder the occasional contact between us because although I don’t know her personally I feel she is a really good friend. I hope Weevily World is of some use to future Bin Weevils members as a lot of effort from a lot of people has been put into this blog over a number of years.

I wish all of the authors Good Luck in the future and farewell. I would also like to thank Judisue for giving me the opportunities she did. Also thank you for using my banner as the very last banner Weevily World will have.

Thanks for Reading!

MI2012 (Matthew)


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