Reminder: There is still time for you to join Weevily World!

Hello Bin Weevils,

Yet again, lots of you viewers have been asking about joining Weevily World, and as I hate going through the archives finding the post, I am reminding you that we are still open to your entries, so make sure that before you comment can I join, read this post!


As so many of you are keen to join the team and I would like to give as many of you as possible, exactly that opportunity; this post launches the new, permanent Weevily World Author Recruitment program.

There are two ways to make an application post, to join Weevily World:

1.  I will send you a contributors invite and you will make your application post on Weevily World.  As a contributor, you will need to add images to your post, via LightShot.

2.  You can make an application post, in the usual way, on your own blog and send me the post URL by email.

Please note:  Part of the recruitment process is emailing me, to let me know which application method, you would like to use.  Please DO NOT ask me about author applications in the comments or on social networking sites eg. Facebook.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you remember to type “Author Application Post” in the email subject field.

Please make sure you read this post very carefully, before you make your application post.  

To become a Weevily World author, you will need to have done and be able to do certain things:

  • You will need to have read and fully understood the Authors Page.  The Authors Page contains a great deal of information about how a Weevily World post should be presented and you will need to present your application post, following the instructions outlined there.
  • You will need to demonstrate, that when required, you can follow instructions, so it is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow all of the instructions, contained in this post.
  • You will need to have read and be familiar with the All About Weevily World page.
  • You should also be reasonably familiar with all Weevily World content, to ensure that you do not produce duplicate content.
  • You will need to be able to use and be familiar with WordPress.
  • You will need to create a Gravatar if you don’t already have one.
  • You will need an email address that everyone can contact you on.
  • You will need very basic picture editing skills.
  • You will need to be able to produce well written interesting & original content.
  • You will need to make an application post.

For further clarification on some items, view Weevily World Author Recruitment Post One.

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, properly made links and correct image alignment are all very important.  The Authors Page contains a lot of extra information about these things.

You may find my introductory post for other blogs helpful.  Please click here to view it but please do not duplicate it!  My post is an introductory post, whereas your post is an application post and your author application post needs to be as original as possible.  

Your application post will need to contain certain things:

You will need to say why you want to join Weevily World and what you think you can offer as an author.  Say what sort of original content you will write, what jobs on Weevily World you would like to do and say why you would be good at them.

To show that you have read it, your post will need to begin and end, as outlined on the Authors Page.  When you are accepted as an author, you will be able to begin and end your posts in your own way.

Your post will need to contain at least 400 words.  (WordPress has a word count in the editor)

You will need to include a description of your weevily self.  (Take a look at the entry for Serendipity, on the Meet the Family page, if you’re not sure what I mean.)

You will need to include a picture of your Bin Weevil and a picture of a nest room.  How you insert your pictures will depend on whether you are posting on Weevily World as a contributor or on your own blog as an author.  

  • If you are posting as a contributor on Weevily World, you will need to add your images via LightShot, as contributors cannot upload images (although they may use the existing Media Library). Your LightShot images must display on site.  You cannot just post the links to your images, on LightShot.
  • If you are posting on your own blog, you can add your images in your usual manner.

Whichever method you are using to apply, please make sure your image settings are set to full size and your images must be aligned in the centre.  Your pictures should be captioned.   If you are unsure, please take a look at the captions on my “A look inside … Stefbear’s nest” to see what I mean.

To show that you can make inbound and outbound links, your post must contain both.  Your links must open in a new tab.  Your links will depend on whether you’re posting as a contributor on Weevily World or as an author, on your blog.

Inbound Links:

  • If your application post is being made as a Weevily World contributor, your inbound link can be to any Weevily World content.
  • If your application post is being made on your own blog, your inbound link can be to any content on your own blog.

Find content that is relevant to your application and link to it.

Outbound Links:

  • If you are posting as a Weevily World contributor, create an outbound link to Bin Weevils.  Select add media and type “play BW now” in the media library search box.  This will bring up the image for Play Bin Weevils, that you can see at the bottom of this post.  As I have done, put this image at the end of your post, align it on the left hand side and link it to the Bin Weevils log in page.
  • If you are posting as an author on your own blog, create an outbound link to the Home Page on Weevily World.  Place the following text at the end of your post:  An authors application post for Weevily World by …..   Add your own name and link  the text to Weevily World:

Both of these links must open in a new tab.

You will need to tag and categorize your post properly.  

  • On Weevily World, I have added a new author application post category.  Your post will need to go in that and the Bin Weevils category.  Other categories might apply.  Your post will need to be tagged binweevils and bin weevils and you will need to think of at least four more tags for it.
  • If you are posting on your own blog, please create the same categories and don’t forget the tags!

Remember to like your post!  Either like your contributors post on Weevily World, after I have published it for you, or like your post, on your own blog, as soon as you have published it yourself!

*        *        *        *        *

If you would like to try your hand at being a Weevily World author, please email me at and let me know which application method you would like to use.  Please type “Author Recruitment” in the email subject field and I will then send you, either a contributor’s invite or invite you to submit your application post, on your own blog.

Please do not make an application post on your own blog, until after you have emailed me and I have asked you to do so!

You will have six weeks from either receiving your contributors invite, or being invited to make your application post, on your own blog,  to make and submit, your application post.  This is to enable all applicants to fully familiarize themselves, with using WordPress and the content on Weevily World.  

Important:  When you have submitted your application post, either as a Weevily World contributor or by posting on your own blog, you must email me at: to tell me that you have done so.  Please type “Author Application Post” in the email subject field.

If you are posting as a contributor and have successfully followed all of the instructions here and on the Authors Page, I will then publish your application post, as soon as I can.

If you are posting on your own blog, I will view your application, as soon as I can.

In both cases, Weevily World authors may perform these tasks for me.

If I am sufficiently impressed with your application post and it is well received by our blog viewers, you may then be offered an Authors invitation.  If your application post is promising but not quite up-to-scratch, you may instead be offered a contributor’s assignment.  Your assignment will depend on the content of your application post and will be tailored to best suit your own individual skills.  Your contributors assignment will contain a one-week deadline.  On successful completion of your assignment, you will then be offered an author’s position.

If you made your application post on your own blog, you will be asked to post your assignment, on your own blog.  If you would prefer to change to a Weevily World contributor at this point, you may, but you will need to be able to use LightShot.

Depending on circumstances some applicants may be retained as contributors, even if they are not currently able to be accepted as authors.  However, it is expected that most failed applicants invites, will be immediately withdrawn.


Do not submit your application post until you are absolutely certain that you have done everything you have been asked to do and that you have done it correctly.  There will be no advantage gained by posting quickly and if you fail to meet the standards required, you won’t get another chance to apply for at least six months.

The information in this post replaces any information in other similar posts.  Please make your application posts according to the guidelines set out in this post only.

The Weevily World Author Recruitment process is still very new and may be subject to change at any time.  If you are applying to be an author, you may sometimes be asked to do things a little differently, than set out here, to help us revise and fine tune our methods.


Please like, share and re-blog this post.

Re-posted by phurple and first draft by judisue.

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