Bin Weevils DOSH Coin Code! Win a Code for 10 DOSH Coins with Weevily World! This competition has closed!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Unless you have had your weevily head, buried in your Bin Garden, you should know all about the latest and maybe the greatest, new Bin Weevils currency – DOSH!  Every day, thousands of you search the internet for DOSH coin codes, so here at Weevily World, we have decided to give ONE lucky weevil a code for 10 DOSH coins!

The code comes from issue #6 of the official Bin Weevils Magazine and if you want to win it, all you have to do is leave your Bin Weevils name, in a comment on this post.

Competition Rules:

All entries must be left as a comment on this post only.  Entries left on other posts will not be included.

You must leave a valid email address.  We will need this to send you the code if you win!  (Only Weevily World personnel will see your email address.  It will not be displayed on your comment/entry.)

Only one entry is allowed per person.   Anyone found making multiple entries will be disqualified, from this and any future, Weevily World competitions.  (IP addresses will be used to detect multiple entries.)

The winner will be selected at random.  All entries will be allocated a number and the winning number will be drawn from a hat, by Weevily World mascot, discowboy.  

Please stop leaving comments begging to win.  I have already disqualified one entrant for leaving a page full of pleases as this is just wasting my time!

Competition closes at midnight (UK time) on Monday 17th September 2012.

The winner will be notified by email, before Monday 24th September 2012.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding this competition.

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All rights reserved.

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449 thoughts on “Bin Weevils DOSH Coin Code! Win a Code for 10 DOSH Coins with Weevily World! This competition has closed!

  1. Ibtida105 says:

    I have never got dosh please can i have some

  2. Tink says:

    oh cool!!!!!!!
    i REALLY want to win but…
    what IS the compotition…i read it all… theres no questions to answer is there???

  3. sarahhughes says:

    can i please have some dosh i have never got any dosh

  4. Roxy1976 says:

    my name on binweevils is Roxy1976
    my real name fabiola
    im 9 years old
    i love skipping
    i have 1 sister and 1 brother
    thank you for the code and please let me win.
    im very kind u see
    i wish we can meet…
    thx again…

  5. Roxy1976 says:

    oh and my emal address is:
    thx again

  6. Roxy1976 says:

    i just love binweevils
    ive been there for 1 year now and on level 16

  7. Orangerules says:

    Please can i have some dosh i have never had more than 1 dosh ever at a time and i havent spent any please please please can you give me some dosh and im not allowed to buy the magazines with codes in them or become a bin tycoon.

  8. Blackburn1 says:

    please may i have the dosh binweevils is the most outstanding game and i want to make best of it so please let me have the 10 dosh it would be great

  9. sheepes says:

    i will

  10. howtoloveme says:

    i haven’t recieved any dosh EVER please please please may i recieve it sir/madam. If you choose me i will respect you for the rest of my whole life

  11. Weevily world is the best thing ever I don’t know why all weevils don’t use these fantastic code I nearly used all of then already EVERY WEEVIL plz plz plz use these codes!!!!!!!

  12. farhan58621 says:

    plz giv me a dosh code i have never had a dosh code plz give me a dosh code

  13. max931 says:

    can i have one please

  14. zain says:

    it dosen’t matter if i lose its about you entering the compotision so good luck everybody

  15. faizan7576 says:

    please please please please please give me 10 doshes………

  16. lacky says:


  17. sillydilly12 says:

    MY name on binweevils is sillydilly12

  18. dude-in-black says:

    ps; he’s been on bin weevils for three years

  19. dude-in-black says:

    sorry for the post i didn’t read the beginning properly

  20. duck79 says:

    I have entered the compotation now good luck to every one

  21. kenzie says:

    heres codes first one is bunty then secret8

  22. i have never had eney dosh ever to why wont you give us sum dosh this is why people dont play your game amd people gon plan about haveing dosh thats why i wont vote for you in the kids vots i will if you give us dosh and tycoon for free im not gowing to stop com planing aout this and eney one elss utill we get free dosh and free mebership i thor this games was so post to be like real life but it/s not so give us free mebership and free dosh

    • judisue says:

      I am afraid you are complaining to the wrong person here. Weevily World is only a Bin Weevils fan site. It is not a pat of Bin Weevils Ltd. and I therefore have absolutely no influence over what BW does. If you are not happy, you need to complain to them.

  23. why dont weevils who are not members get any dosh so that why im going on this.

  24. right my real name is Thomas im 9 years of age i love skipping with my 2 bffs Samuel and Ben im very kind i wish you all good luck

  25. LOL4437 says:


  26. jez pulbos says:

    hi guys do you lot know a xp code?

  27. Desto123 says:

    Desto123 please can I have the free dosh I would love Toby a binbot with it they are really cuteee! #please #AMAZING #thank you!!!!!!!!

  28. callie-jo77 says:

    can i hav dosh im 8 my weevil name is callie-jo77

  29. don't know my name yet says:

    why ? did you put this event up this dosh comp ended now so don’t know why???

  30. don't know my name yet says:


  31. Joshua says:

    my name is josh I like playing binweevils so vote me

  32. ANIS says:


  33. JoshuaWebster says:

    Hello I am JoshuaWebster Er fireball that question is simple why don’t weevils who ain’t tycoons get dosh You can get dosh stamp your first day bincard thats some questions about that question.!!!

  34. william scott says:

    hello i would like to enter the competition for dosh my binweevil name is blingbling2002

    • judisue says:

      I’m sorry but if you had checked you would have seen that this competition is very old and had closed some time ago. I have now changed the title on this post in attempt to avoid further confusion.

  35. kara123 says:

    please vote for me i will share the dosh to everyone i am a very kind person please vote for me

  36. Wonderful post but I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic?

    I’d be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Cheers!

  37. Emily Smith says:

    I’ve been on binweevils for 5 years and 5 days, I love bin weevils and need some help to level up, I have 22,675 mulch, 1 dosh and I’m only on level 14 :( My binweevil name is smite014

  38. eze491 says:

    where is the code

  39. lace23 says:

    lace23 Weevil World please don’t send me an email every day or every week

  40. muckie212 says:

    umm hi i know this may bother you. Because of all the entries but i was just saying please may i have the dosh i knew i should off done this earlier but umm you can say no if you want to. I was just asking for my nest to be livened up a little.

  41. muckie212 says:

    Oh yeah and my binweevil name is Littlemissdone1

  42. pwsheadquaters says:

    I need dosh

  43. lilly says:


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