The Great Egg Hunt Has Arrived To The Binscape!

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Hey Weevils! Egg-cellent news… the moment we’ve all been waiting for has arrived to the Binscape! The Great Egg Hunt is OUT NOW and it’s Bin-tastic, find all the 9 weevily eggs around the Binscape to earn an eggclusive Easter pack, Bin Tycoon members can collect exclusive rewards too!

egg locationsTo start the Easter hunt, hop over to the Shopping Mall and click the sign! Struggling to find all the Easter eggs around the Binscape? No need to worry, you can watch my helpful video below:

EGGCELLENTDon’t forget once you’ve completed the egg hunt, collect your egg-cellent rewards! All Bin Weevils can collect a Easter nest item pack with exclusive items in, Bin Tycoons can collect a SPECIAL EASTER MOVE, EXCLUSIVE GARDEN ITEM AND NEST ITEM!

oie_animationHave fun hunting! Weevily World  wishes you a wonderful Easter and be sure to share your thoughts about this Bin-tastic hunt in the comments section below, don’t eat too much eggs Easter bunnies!

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Happy Easter from MissPretty & Take a look at my Easter Flower Room!

Hello Bin Weevils!

This is a quick post to say that I would like to wish all Weevily World viewers and team members a Happy Easter!

Earlier on this month, I have decorated a Spring Easter Flower room to impress the Nest Inspector this month! Despite spending over 150 DOSH on my three Easter rooms, I was awarded with a Silver Nest trophy!

Below shows a picture of my Easter Flower room:



Thank you for reading this short post, 

Happy Easter from MissPretty xx

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Phurple returns, and Bin Weevils have partnered with SuperAwesome Acqui-Hires Sales!

Hello Bin Weevils!

It feels so good to be back! I haven”t been blogging these past few months as life has gotten in the way a bit, but now it’s the Summer Term of my first year in Secondary School I have a bit more time after-school!

But anyway, I came home from my day out today and found an email in my inbox from ‘Google Alerts’, notifying me of a new blog post about Bin Weevils. Obviously I was intrigued, so I clicked on the link and was transported to (a website about all things techy), with an article about Bin Weevils partnering with SuperAwesome, the European ad network and marketing platform for kids and teens.

This is fantastic news, as this company does the advertising for many up-market brands, including LEGO, Hasbro, Disney and Nintendo, so they are extremely experienced. What SuperAwesome plan to do with Bin Weevils is manage the sales and ad-operations within Bin Weevils, while they work on a new browser-based world and the production of a new cross-platform site heading for iOS (a site available on iPads etc) called ‘Weevil World’ (close to Weevily World I know), which is planned to be released this autumn. Do you know anything more?

Before the end of this post, I’d just like to quote a piece from the article;

“In case you haven’t heard of Bin Weevils, it claims to be the leading kid-safe virtual world in the UK, bigger than Moshi Monsters, apparently

Sarcasm much?

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All Rights Reserved 

An original Weevily World piece by phurple


Another Site I just found (which is linked) :

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Sending Bin Weevils an Easter Card…

Hello Bin Weevils,


For Easter this year, I’ll be sending Bin Weevils an Easter Card. If you want to see what my Bin-credible design looks like, why not look below!

bin weevils easter design 2014 2

Can you see the egg? I do!

Maybe you could send them your weevily Easter card, I’m sure they’ll enjoy it! I made another Easter card, which I’ll be sending too. Let me know if you enjoy the first one better, or the second one.

bin weevil easter card

Personally, I enjoy the first one. What do you prefer?

Here’s what Bin Weevils said about it! (Taken from the full email)

Thanks for your card – it was a cool Monday morning surprise! We even forwarded it to the rest of the company to show them.


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Sorry Weevils!

Hello Bin Weevils!

mango4 here, finally back on binweevils and posting! I have missed you all lots and lots as I have been VERY busy all MONTH and my laptop broke down, but mainly I went on holiday!

Yes, I said it, I went on holiday! Woo! On the 29th of March (2014) I went to The Isle Of White! Its beautiful there all around, but at the place I was staying in was truly magnificent! I stayed in a cottage in a place called the Water Mill.

Yep, it did have a water mill in it and we spent 1 whole WEEK there. Have you ever heard of the bird called the Peacock? Well they’re were Indian Peacocks there and they where truly fab! There were also- Geese, ducks and swans, but the most popular is the Peacock. Before I went to the Isle Of White, my computer broke down, I went to LEGOLAND, my Auntie came over for a weekend and I went to lots of castles.

So yes, what a month its been and I have missed binweevils as much as blogging in a whole month and a couple of days! Wow! :P

Nest Inspector Spotted At Flem Manor!

Hello Bin Weevils!

BREAKING NEWS: The Nest Inspector has been spotted at Flem Manor, he hasn’t been spotted in a while and he is now visiting the Binscape for you all to see him, this is my first time seeing him so make sure you go to the Editor’s Office each Tuesday to meet him in the mornings.

NEST INSPECTORThis is amazing! He had a chat with us and then he had to publish Best Nest, the Nest Inspector is such a great Bin Weevil and I’m so happy to meet him, maybe you will be lucky next week!

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The Evolution of the Easter Hunt/Party!

Hello Bin Weevils!

Today I have been doing a little bit of research via the What’s New Blog on previous years, Bin Weevils Easter Party’s, and boy, have they changed a heck of a lot!

So lets start off with the first ever Easter Party that I ever saw, which was waaaay way back in 2011!

Above you can see the old blog post, and you can tell that it is old, as it was when Tink & Clott wrote the What’s New Blog. This was also way back when they *actually* used Slam’s Party Box for actual parties as there was a party hosted there along with an egg-tastic Easter Egg Hunt!

Now onto the next years Easter Party, which unfortunately had no party, but a really awesome hunt!

As it says in the post above, you had to head down to Gong’s Pipenest and collect a cabinet. As you collected more and more eggs, the cabinet would fill up with the more eggs you had found – AWESOME!

Moving on to last years’ Easter celebrations where we had the weevil-tastic Spring Festival!

The Spring Festival was surely an Easter Party no weevil will forget. It was packed with games, prizes and even nest items! Did I forget to mention the awesome Easter Egg that we had too? I think you could safely say, this was the best Easter Party the Bin Weevils Team has made for us yet!

Did you think I had forgotten this years’ Easter celebrations? DEFINITELY NOT! This years are awesome too!

This years’ Easter Hunt is truly amazing on the reward side of things! For each egg we find we can earn heaps of mulch and whats-more if you find them all you can unlock all kinds of wacky things like a new special move and nest items! 

~ Yoshi6601

My Second Easter Room & My Easter Look

Hello Bin Weevils!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter holiday and it’s not long until Easter, I’ve finally finished my second Easter nest room which includes the brand new Easter items which are on sale at the Easter Shop. The Easter lamp and egg item is fantastic and you can collect the final lamp and egg when you complete The Great Egg Hunt!

Here is my second Easter nest room 2014, doesn't it look egg-cellent?

Here is my second Easter nest room 2014, doesn’t it look egg-cellent?

For Easter, I’ve changed my Bin Weevil look! My colours are now orange and yellow and them colours match the Egg Hats and don’t forget to wear your egg hat to win a super prize for your nest this Easter!

look1I hope you all have a wonderful Easter! Weevily World is always updated with Bin Weevils news and we will update you on more Easter fun coming soon to Bin Weevils, don’t forget to not eat too much chocolate on Easter.

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Bin Weevils Easter Card Designs – By judisue

Hello Viewers!

Almost soon as I saw the bin-tastic rewards, for BW 2014 Easter promotion, I logged on and renewed my membership! Before I got cracking (sorry!) on “The Great Egg Hunt”, I popped into the pop-up Easter Shop and was immediately taken, with the gorgeous, Faberge-style Egg Trophies, new on sale this year. There are actually nine Egg Trophies to collect: eight can be bought, although four are available to Bin Tycoons only. The ninth and final trophy, must be earned from the Hunt.

Inspired by the trophies, I thought it would be fun to create some Easter images, which you are welcome to use. Either download & print, or share the images on social networking sites, or by email. You can use my designs how you like, or better still, let them inspire you!

Underneath each picture, I’ve included some thoughts, surrounding the creation of  the four designs. I’ve tried to make each picture a bit different and I hope they will help you get you started, on some great ideas of your own …

easter egg image 1

I’ve kept it simple for design one. The eggs are at the front of a nest room, with no floor or wallpaper. I think the wall cracks, rather suit the theme. To create this picture, I chose my favourite egg (the one on the far right), then chose the two others I felt complimented it best. I zoomed in a couple of times, to get the eggs the size I wanted.

Try clearing a nest room and trying out different combinations of egg trophies, until you get a mix you’re happy with. I’ve tinted the background blue, but you could choose any colour, or you could use a wallpaper background.

I’ve used a font, that I think goes well with the eggs’ style. I’ve put the text underneath, but smaller text, along the top or bottom of the image, would work equally well.




Design two, features one of The Great Egg Hunt, Bin Tycoon rewards – the amazing Bin Garden egg-style waterfall. I really like the bright, rainbow colours in this item!

I’ve personalized my design, by including my own Bin Weevil, judisue and her Bin Pet, meg. If you are a Bin Tycoon member, you can collect this item and make your own image. You’ll need to zoom right in. Personalize your design, by putting your own weevil in the picture, or invite lots of Bin Buddies, to surround the fountain and create an Easter picture to share!

I think this image would be great for an Easter poster, perhaps for an Egg Hunt or Easter Fayre. I like the fun font, I’ve used for this picture and you’ll find lots of fonts to choose from, just on your computer. If you can’t find a font you like, try typing “free downloadable fonts” into a search engine and you’ll discover there are literally thousands you can use!


My third design is a bit more subdued, but I thought it might make a nice image, for someones great auntie or great grandma. Maybe, if you were having a big fancy Easter Dinner, you could print images like this, to use as place cards and replace the greeting, with the names of your guests.

There is a tiny bit of picture editing in this image. I’ve added the thin red/brown border and I’ve removed the thick brown line, where the floor and wall meet, from where it extended past the border’s edge.

Adding borders can really improve an image. Try experimenting with adding borders to your own images. Try different colours and different widths. A border doesn’t have to be square. It could be a circle or a rounded rectangle. An oval or egg-shaped border works well for Easter designs.

Sometimes a little bit of picture editing, makes all the difference. If you need to change something, the trick is to zoom right in and change things slowly and carefully. If you are patient you can achieve fantastic results, even with the simplest Paint program!



My fourth and final design, is a picture of one of my favourite Bin Weevils Easter items and it came out even better than I hoped! This cute little bunny has been around a long time. I first got one as a reward item, for Easter 2012 but I’m pretty sure it had been available, at least one year prior to that.

I just sat bunny on a table and again, zoomed right in – this time to the 500% max! I think this picture works well, set on a white background, but a pale blue, yellow or green background, would work well too. The font is a great match for this image, but I should have taken more time to center it better. Attention to detail always pays off!

If you didn’t know this was a BW nest item, you probably wouldn’t guess! Try taking a good look through your My Stuff Chest. Select and place an item, then zoom right in. You might be amazed by what you are inspired to create!

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